Restaurant in Avon |

Restaurant in Avon

Vista Restaurant in the Boat Building in Avon.

“Our success is our motto: Good food, nice people,” says Vista’s Janine Glennon matter of factly. She’s the bossy lady up front, while husband Michael slaves over the hot stove. They’re both immensely pleased with the arrangement. “Michael’s menu is innovative and fresh, it changes with the seasons.” Their worldly wine list has won them six Wine Spectator Awards.

Pizza and pasta joint Pazzo’s in Avon has an energized Grateful Dead ambience. They’ve got pasta, salads and calzones, but the ‘za is where it’s at. “The Azteca is our most popular, with garlic, pepperoni, cilantro, tomatoes and jalapenos,” says co-owner Mark Colwell. “We try to be friendly to the locals.” With a frolicsome pub atmosphere, it’s easy to run with the vibe at Finnegan’s Wake. “I love the diversity of the menu,” says Grant Friese, kitchen manager. “A lot of places serve contemporary American cuisine, but we specialize in Irish food.” The Scotch eggs are a signature item, as are the fish and chips. For a long time the only sushi in the valley west of Vail, Masato’s in Chapel Square serves inventive combinations. The rock-n-roll is a decadent option, flash fried to melt the cream cheese into the eel, while the spicy tuna sashimi salad will make you blow your top. Beware the purple haze, which induces sake talk.

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