Restaurant in Edwards |

Restaurant in Edwards

Juniper is an upbeat bistro.

Doug Abel and Mike Irwin wanted to bring a little bit of Larkspur and Sweet Basil down valley, so they opened Juniper. “We wanted to be a city-style bistro where anyone would feel comfortable,” says Abel. “We serve contemporary American cuisine, but Mike (the chef) likes to call it comfort fusion.”

Main Street Grill is a local’s haven. “All of our customers feel at home,” says Nikki Heiden, owner. “Most people don’t even have to order their drink when they get here. We already know.” Signature items include the St. Louis pork ribs drenched in homemade barbecue sauce. If the boat is docking at your table, you know you’re in Sato. “People get so excited to see those boats of sushi coming out,” says General Manager Kim Risi. “Sushi is our signature dish, but we have really good stir-fries and noodle bowls, too.” It’s a local joint with a local vibe. Falling Creek may be Edwards’ best kept secret. Serving Mediterranean-American cuisine, the restaurant prefers simplicity to flash. “When we set out to create dishes, every time we add an ingredient, we take one out,” says Chief Culinary Officer Darrell Jensen.

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