Results of Vail parking survery show satisfaction |

Results of Vail parking survery show satisfaction

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

People they talked to: Chris Cares, of RRC Inc., a research firm.

What the study said: Results came back from a survey of about 1,000 Vail parkers during the latter half of the ski season, and the information showed that most people rated their parking experience well, while a significant portion also expressed dissatisfaction with the price of parking.

“Keep in mind that this was when things were slower and crowding was less of a problem,” Cares said. “About 25 percent gave negative ratings, but when you dug deeper, you would see they were really dissatisfied with the price.”

All-day parking in the Lionshead and Vail Village structures was raised to $25 per day this year – parkers also said their first preference on where they would like to park was the parking structures.

“What we’re not going to get is great parking at a great price,” said Greg Hall, Vail’s public works manager. “We can’t provide that.” The survey also showed that more people are carpooling – cars brought in an average of 2.7 people each, compared with 2.2 people per car in 2002. Locals were most likely to come in with one person per car, Cares said.

The survey also looked at what the parkers were doing in Vail and how and where they were spending money.

Respondents reported spending an average of $77, with 95 percent of respondents reporting they spent some money either in Vail or on their way to Vail along Interstate 70. Day visitors reported an average expenditure of $29 per person for food, beverage and shopping in Vail.

What’s next? Councilman Andy Daly said he wanted to hear more from people forced to park on the South Frontage Road on days that the parking garages fill up.

“We’ve got to look at how this parking experience is affecting destination skiers,” he said. ” They’re our bread and butter, and I want to see what their feelings are.”

The town is still considering a trial program next season that would allow people to park on the frontage roads using passes. It is also still in discussion with the state department of transportation to take over the road permanently.

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