Results of vote on Eagle County logo out today |

Results of vote on Eagle County logo out today

Chris Outcalt
Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” Plenty of votes have been cast on whether Eagle County should adopt a newly designed logo, and the results should be available today, said Kris Friel, the county’s communications director.

Voting on the logo ended Monday at 5 p.m., but officials didn’t expect to have the results until late Monday night. Tallying the results was going to take longer, said Friel, because some people voted “over a hundred times” and officials were trying to exclude multiple votes from one person from the final results.

“It’s hard to sort through because people are voting many, many times,” Friel said. “We already know that we’re getting the same person hitting the site over a hundred times.”

County officials asked participants to vote only once on whether they liked the new or old logo. But even though it looks like some voted more than once, technicians with the county and the Texas-based designer GOGO Creative can filter out the extra votes out, Friel said.

The commissioners picked a new logo and tagline from several options created by GOGO Creative a few weeks ago, but didn’t reveal the choice until last Friday because of the designer’s concern that if it was shown to the public, anyone could use it.

Voting on the logo started Friday and ended Monday. The commissioners plan to use the information from the poll to help decide whether to use the graphic.

Switching to the new logo will save the county money in the long run, officials said. The graphic is cheaper to reproduce because it has only two colors in it and the county would only replace materials with the old logo on them if it was necessary, according to officials.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau in a Texas town of about 50,000 people recently hired GOGO Creative to create a new logo and slogan. The work cost the agency $8,000.

“We had her do logo development, ” said Janna Patrick, Conroe’s arts and communications director. “She did a great job.”

The branding work GOGO Creative did for Conroe was different from the amount of work and information requested by Eagle County, designer Lisa Mac said.

“It’s very different than a logo for a corporation or a county,” Mac said. “The complexity of branding one city versus a county that has how many communities ” if I’m in Conroe, that’s different than five or six different towns. You can’t just look at it in a petri dish.”

The amount of research done by GOGO Creative is the reason the price was higher, Mac said.

GOGO Creative did several surveys with county residents in order to come up with different logo and slogan options and provide officials with information about how people view the county, Mac said.

“We have a research driven process,” Mac said. “Absolutely, it helped us develop the end product. I would never recommend someone go out and do just a logo and tagline (without the research).”

In the case of Conroe, the majority of that research was done ahead of time, Mac said.

“We were given 150 pages of surveys that were done recently and we worked from that,” she said.

Officials got quotes from two companies other than GOGO Creative in 2007 when they first considered rebranding the county. Northstar ” which is based out of Tennessee ” bid $100,000 for the work, and Polaris ” a company based in Georgia ” bid $23,000. GOGO Creative bid $36,500 for the work.

The county choose GOGO Creative based on cost and because the Texas company offered a more research-backed process than Polaris, Friel said.

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