Retail plan at gravel pit progressing |

Retail plan at gravel pit progressing

Cliff Thompson

Plans to develop 185 acres of land in the northwest corner of Edwards that includes the B&B Gravel Pit continue to move ahead slowly.

Edwards-based developers Rick Hermes and George Sanders of Community Concepts said they have 180 of 185 acres there under contract for sale. That includes 70 acres of the Eaton Ranch, the B&B pit and a small parcel owned by the Havener family.

Hermes said the complexity of the retail and commercial project – he declined to provide details of what will be done – requires multiple financial studies to ensure long-term economic viability.

“There’s a lot of pieces,” he said. “It’s a complex deal and there are a lot of difficult issues on infrastructure both on and off the site.”

Those upgrades include widening existing roads, building bridges and planning exactly what will be built. One of the issues Hermes said he’s wrestling with is traffic.

“It’s already a problem in Edwards. We want to figure out how to resolve that,” he said.

Hermes said the first property closing, on the Eaton land, will occur in mid-May. As with most developments, the purchase is contingent on successfully achieving county zoning for the project. In the mean time, he said the financial modeling continues.

He estimates the project will take up to 10 years to build out. Once completed, it will make Edwards the second-largest retail center in the county after Avon, he said.

Edwards already has nearly 750,000 square feet of commercial space. The 185 acres of land being eyed for development is the last large chunk of undeveloped land in Edwards.

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