Rethinking the blog |

Rethinking the blog

We have more than one editor at the Vail Daily. I’m the managing editor, but I’m neither the best nor the brightest nor have the best insights,

I’ve gotten exceedingly lucky these past few years. Arguably, I was the best at you name it on the staff when I arrived two months before Y2K. But not so arguably.

Fortunately, talent followed the turn of the millennium and began to stick around for longer than a cup of coffee. I’ve gone from doing nearly everything, and worrying mightily about the rest, to enjoying this crew run smoothly largely on its own.

But while I have less to fret about, there’s still plenty. The beauty and the bane of this work is that no matter how much you get done, there’s a ton more you can’t get to.

Alas, that includes keeping this blog updated as much as I think it needs. I get a little head of steam. But then some project demands attention, there are performance reviews to get done, plans to make, troubles to shoot, and what seems like a million people to meet. Always something.

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Last week I had an epiphany when City Editor Matt Zalaznick joked about crashing Rogers’ blog with some of his trademark hard left wit. Yeah, that would throw readers who stumble in this corner. Moderate Republican Rogers spewing Deaniac nonsense?

As with most good ideas outside bars, this one came while we were, well, goofing off, taking a break from the grind of phone calls, editing copy, answering the e-mail, pounding out stories and laying out pages for tomorrow.

Duh. Turn Editor’s Blog into Editors’ Blog. Wordsmiths love the subtlety of moving the apostrophe. Voila. Instead of the mind of an editor, it’s the minds of editors. This could work.

So far, Assistant Managing Editor Alex Miller, Zalaznick and Web Editor Austin Richardson have contributed. I’m hoping Arts and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence and Business Editor Geraldine Haldner will pitch in, too. I’m afraid, though, that they’ll skip the opportunity as they largely skip their opportunities to contribute to the print commentary section.

They claim time poverty. But hell, the boys have just as little time. It’s not as though the girls lack opinions, or the ability to express them. I probably haven’t pissed them off quite enough. Not for lack of trying, though. They still think they have better things to do than prattle on, like boys.

Anyway, that’s the turn with this venture. The result will be more for you to chew on, and good exercise for us.

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