Return of Marxist terror |

Return of Marxist terror

Anne J. Sellers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding Mr. Le Vine’s letter on abortion, many so-called “unwanted” babies are born to victims of failed socialist political policies (enforced by dictatorships, including those in major U.S. urban areas).

Many orphans (i.e., unwanted children) worldwide are created by the sword in countries where parents are slaughtered in for ethnic reasons that our media and State Department refer to as lamentable “civil wars” in which no outside forces should interfere.

But how many people know that little has changed among those of Mr. Le Vine’s political ilk for centuries?

Karl Marx and Fredreich Engels, who compiled the “Communist Manifesto” in 1848, later took up Darwin’s theory as the “basis in natural science for the historical class struggle,” and it was later became a part of the official Soviet doctrine.

In delivering Marx’s eulogy in 1883, Engels said, “Just as Darwin discovered the law of development of organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of development of human history.”

Democratic President Woodrow Wilson, an avowed racist, remarked in 1912 that the U.S. founders’ view of the Constitution was too static or Newtonian, and since government was now “accountable to Darwin, not to Newton,” the Constitution should henceforth be interpreted “according to the Darwinian principle.”

Eugenics was discredited after World War II due to association with Marxist regimes — Hitler’s Third Reich, in particular.

Leading American eugenicists then turned to contraception and abortion for population control after World War II. In 1953, they issued a document entitled “Freedom of Choice for Parenthood: A Program of Positive Eugenics,” in which they linked so-called “voluntary parenthood” to natural selection.

In 2004, Alexander Sanger, grandson of birth-control and abortion advocate Margaret Sanger (another avowed racist Democrat and Klan member), made a Darwinian defense of abortion asserting that “abortion is good,” and “we must become proud that we have taken control of our reproduction. This has been a major factor in advancing human evolution and survival.”

They also knew, as French socialist philosopher August Comte wrote in the late 1880s, “Demography is destiny.” In other words, prevent your enemies from reproducing. Today, a third of abortion clinics are in black U.S. urban areas, where abortion rates are nearly three times the rate of the total U.S. population. Also, Islam is far outpacing Western rates of reproduction. No coincidence on either account.

Scholars also turn a blind eye to the argument for racism that eugenicists drew from Darwin’s “theory of evolution, which claimed that the break between apes and man in evolution fell “between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.” Darwin’s allegation about blacks became a powerful scientific rationale for racist public policies, including laws against miscegenation.

By the early 1930s, 30 states in the U.S. had sterilization laws, and by 1958, around 60,000 Americans had been sterilized, many by coercion. (Some compare this “scientific” hysteria to the current one promoting “global warming.”)

When Oliver Wendell Holmes, a Supreme Court justice, approved of Virginia’s forced-sterilization law, he said it was the way to “build a race.” Later, when Nazis forcibly sterilized the “unfit” in the 1930s, they claimed to be acting, like us, on “biological principles.” Hitler even declared that he had studied the laws of several American states for the sterilization of people whose breeding was “injurious to the racial stock.”

President Obama has often been praised by use of comparisons to FDR. Consider this 1933 quote from The New York Times: “There is at least one official voice in Europe that expresses understanding of the methods and motives of President (Franklin) Roosevelt. This voice is that of Germany, as represented by Chancellor Adolf Hitler. ‘I have sympathy with President Roosevelt,’ Hitler stated, ‘because he marches straight toward his objective over Congress, over lobbies, over stubborn bureaucracies.'” (Source: The New York Times, Anne O’Hare McCormick, “Hitler Seeks Jobs for All Germans,” July 10, 1933, pp. 1,6.)

Recent generations are ignorant of both the reality and causes of the global horrors of the 1930s and ’40s. Now international Marxists, having written, or greatly influenced, our history books since the 1950s, are now consequently poised to foist these terrors upon the masses once again.

Anne J. Sellers

Avon and Denver

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