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Reunite for egg fight!

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Per usual, great article (see “Here’s egg in your eye” at, March 17 edition). This totally took me back to high school and my mom’s lectures that if what I did found me in jail, there I would stay until the sun came up. I often think that the things we were doing then were almost comical as police-provoking activities as compared to what kids do now. I wonder what the Vail PD would do if we rallied for just one more egg fight at the next reunion?Hope all is well,Jen Mason (BMHS graduate)DenverIn support of 1296The last several years have brought water issues to the forefront of Colorado politics, although water issues have been an integral part of Colorado history for decades. We are currently still trying to deal with a water struggle between the Western Slope and the Front Range. This is an old battle with new challenges as our state continues to grow and develop. The time for division has come to an end, and the time to work together is beginning.I believe that House Bill 1296, sponsored by Rep. Bernie Buescher, will help us start to achieve that unity by working together in the best interests of all parties. This bill will ensure that local communities have a voice when negotiations take place that will move water out of the community to benefit others, i.e. moving water from the West Slope to the Front Range. HB 1296 asks water districts and water courts to minimize the impact that moving water will have on local communities and the environment.I am urging our state representatives to support HB 1296.Nancy BilelloGolden, Colo.Eagle’s not listeningAfter watching the Eagle Town Board on Tuesday evening it became rather obvious that some members of the board are not listening to the voice of the people. I would like to comment that the attitude of some of those members on the board needs to change. This is a serious situation and the grins and good-old-boy behavior does not have a place in a meeting where so much is at stake. Board members should represent the wishes and needs of the people not the special interest of a few. They should treat the people with respect and show a professional attitude at all times.I personally think that the Board and the developer must listen to the people because we hold all the cards. If the people don’t get what they want than the developer and his investors and friends on the board can threaten all they want but the chances of any profit will surely elude them.Listen to us! Bring me a project that will bring real jobs not low wage, no insurance jobs. Bring me a project that does not bring the traffic, congestion, pollution and crime. Bring me a project that hires employees that live and thrive in my town.The Planning and Zoning Commission for the Town has unanimously recommended denial of this project. The citizens are asking for you to stop and reconsider, and you are not listening. Maybe you will hear this: REFERENDUM.William GrayEagleOn the moneyGreat job of reporting, Tom (see “The real math behind Eaton Ranch,” at, March 24 edition). Thank you for your concern.Donna GiordanoVail

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