Rev up recycling |

Rev up recycling

Good for the county and the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability for cleaning up and upgrading the valley’s recycling centers.

Among the plans is to bring in more mobile trailers to haul away the recycling and build what’s called a “transfer station” where big loads of recyclables can be stored at the county landfill and thus, save money on hauling costs.

Many of us are still getting used to recycling and the more clean and convenient it is, the more likely we are to separate our bottles and cans, newspapers and cardboard in a pile at home and drive them to the recycling spots.

But the ideal would be for every resident in the county to be able to take advantage of curbside recycling and have the ability to recycle more materials than just glass, two types of plastic, newspapers and cardboard.

What about those plastic grocery bags, office paper and all those other types of plastic it’s sometimes impossible to avoid buying?

In the effort to adjust people’s behavior to take better care of the planet, change is going to come slowly.

People aren’t going to stop driving overnight or install solar panels over the weekend, or set up bins in their homes to separate dozens of different materials.

Some of us don’t have the room.

And some people still aren’t going to drive piles of cans to a batch of Dumpsters, no matter how clean they are.

Would a curbside recycling tax be reasonable?

Or should government force trash haulers to cut into their huge profits and provide the service?

In the effort to get people to be more environmentally conscious, we have to be realists and make conservation, fuel efficiency and recycling as convenient as possible for our country that’s used to everything being at its fingertips.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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