Revelstoke readies for Olympics |

Revelstoke readies for Olympics

Allen Best

REVELSTOKE, B.C. – A committee is researching ways for Revelstoke to financially ride the coattails of the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Winter Olympics.

“Potentially, we’ve got ourselves a gold mine,” Elmer Rorstad told his fellow committee members.

Revelstoke enjoys relative proximity to Whistler and similar snow conditions. There is talk of engineering rail tours from Whistler to Revelstoke, or promoting Revelstoke as the home of Canada’s first ski jump, reports the Revelstoke Times Review (Sept. 10).

Newspaper takes developer’s ad

DURANGO, Colo. – What’s free in life? Not free newspapers, says Missy Votel, who is co-owner, co-receptionist, and co-deliveryperson of the free-circulation weekly, the Durango Telegraph.

Votel and partner Will Sands began the newspaper a year ago, and she concedes a stack of bills. With those bills in mind, the two accepted an advertisement from a controversial project, River Trails Ranch. It was, they knew, something that would cause dissent.

“We knew that some folks who view us as the champions of open space, free thinking, anti-development and idealism would see it as an affront. Sell-outs they would call us, or worse. We cringed at the thought,” she wrote.

But in staking the moral high ground, they would be financially marooned there. Refuse one developer’s ad and they would have to refuse them all – and also the ads of ski resorts, which also merchandise in real estate. And why just land dealers? Car dealers sell vehicles that contribute to global warming. Pizza guys fill landfills with their cardboard boxes, and coffee shops with their paper cups.

Advertising pays the bills, she reminded readers, and passing the hat at the local coffee house just won’t do it. And that advertising subsidizes anybody who has a contrary point of view, she added.

Those letters, barring personal attacks, will be printed for free – even those disagreeing with the advertisers or the editors.

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