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Reviving the State Bridge vibe

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Special to the DailyNew Shoes will perform as part of the Eagle County Country and Rock 'n' Roll Review on Saturday at State Bridge.

BOND, Colorado – The stage and amphitheater at the revamped State Bridge may be brand new, but people have been playing music out there for decades. Many of the musicians who helped pioneer the venue back in the ’70s and ’80s still live and play music in Eagle County. On Saturday, they’re returning to help revive the vibe.

Four groups – Airborn, The Little Kings, New Shoes, Instant Cash, and The Fabulous Femmes – are set to perform the Eagle County Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll Review for State Bridge’s second weekend of the summer season.

“We wanted to first go in a country-Western direction and then that expanded to a showcase of Eagle County talent,” musician Peter Fontanese said. “We’re all so excited about having State Bridge open back up. It means the world to me to have two and a half generations of musicians coming together. The musical family in this valley is overwhelmingly cool.”

Airborn is a country-Western group that formed in Ohio in the ’70s. The group came to Vail shortly after and has had a successful four-decade run led by husband and wife Alan and Debra Eichler. Airborn has released three albums since they arrived on the scene in Vail.

New Shoes brings a high level of experience and diverse musical backgrounds together to provide a wide range and interesting blend of music. Their style can be categorized as soulful rock and blues. The Eagle County locals love playing to audiences that dance and have fun.

Instant Cash is a Johnny Cash tribute band, formed with newcomer Andre Lemieux, who does an absolutely spooky job of channeling Johnny Cash, with Fontanese on bass, Roy Bloomfield on guitar and Larry Dutmer on drums.

Country-rock band The Little Kings is led by guitarist George Hilliard, a longtime local and owner of the Bearfish Bar and Grill in West Vail. Hilliard is known for his former residency at The Club in Vail Village during the ’80s and ’90s.

And last but not least, The Fabulous Femmes are three women who take audiences through a high-energy show comprised of music from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and beyond.

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