Rewire your brain to a better life |

Rewire your brain to a better life

Catherine ZeebA New PerspectiveVail CO Colorado

“No one has ever come along and given you sufficient, intelligent knowledge about your beautiful self; how you work from the inside out. Why do you have addictions? Because you have nothing better, you’ve never dreamt of nothing better because no one has ever taught you to dream better.” – Statement by JZ Knight in the movie, “What The Bleep Do We Know.”Every time I hear the line above in the movie, I want to cry. It truly hits home for me. It makes me think of how many times anyone has ever told me these words. I hear them more at this time in my life, but boy would I have loved to have heard them while growing up. One good thing about choosing to do our spiritual work is that we realize we can say these words to ourselves and know and have faith that they are true. My definition of an addiction/habit is anything you do that creates negative outcomes and no matter how hard you try to do it differently, the results are always negative. We have created habits and addictions for many reasons:1. Survival techniques; 2. Biochemical imbalances; 3. Chronic pain; 4. Depression; 5. Boredom; 6. Not knowing what else to do; 7. Poor nutrition; 8. Fear, and so many more. We believe that what we’re doing will eventually work out for us. We continue doing whatever it is because we don’t believe we are capable of doing better.How do we learn to dream better so we can make the changes that we may not even believe exist? Can you stop eating so much? Can you stop drinking or doing drugs? Can you stop spending? Can you stop anything? And who will you be if you do stop?The answer is yes, you can. First, you have to recognize that the way your life is now is not working. Secondly, you have to believe that change is possible. Learning what triggers you to continue your behavior is a major step. Learning to do something different when you get triggered is next. These two steps can change everything but most people don’t recognize a trigger, let alone how to change the trigger.Imagine that when you get triggered to eat, for example (with eating being a compulsion), that you take a walk, ride your bike around the block, pull weeds, clean a bathroom, drink a big glass of water, anything, before you eat. You begin to change the wiring in the brain when you do this. You have taught the brain to expect satisfaction for your craving, so you can re-train it to do something else, then some food, but the type of satisfaction changes in the brain. Each time you do this, you rewire the brain into what you want, not what your habits have created.This is learning to dream better. Dream your life into what you want, not what you’ve created out of fear, survival, etc. You are an incredible being. You have the choice to make your life better. Don’t let some silly or stupid habit or addiction stop you from being the best you can be. Decide how you want it to be and go for it!Catherine Zeeb, PhD, a certified addictions psychotherapist, is a local spiritual and addictions counselor working with individuals, families and groups. Zeeb runs a nine-week “Healing & Recovery Intensive Program,” which is a body, mind, spirit school for a new way of living. Contact Zeeb at 970-376-6660 or visit her websites at or

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