Richard Carnes: All this and race card, too |

Richard Carnes: All this and race card, too

Want to see yet another nauseating list of what I am personally thankful for this year?

No, I didn’t think so.

Who cares what I’m thankful for, right? What possible difference does it make to any of you what makes Dick smile? I wholeheartedly agree, and that is why I decided most of you would be ecstatic to read what causes me to cringe instead.

Typically referencing the entire previous year, I have chosen to limit my current disgust to one specific Happy Valley issue, one worthy of the delusional idiocy normally reserved for elected officials and those needing assumed magical books to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Here’s the somewhat metaphorical scenario: A female burglar blames a homeowner for leaving the back door unlocked, thus giving said burglar no choice other than to run inside and use the homeowners computer to spend over $10,000 asking a psychic hotline about grocery specials and what would be the best fuel to use in her car.

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That’s basically what occurred when Rikki Vigil was arrested last March for allegedly making personal charges on a county credit card.

A former Eagle County legal secretary, Vigil asked the court last week to dismiss her case because, according to her attorney Frank Moya, “she was living in a climate where it seems to me folks are playing fast and loose with the county credit cards and that I think has a tendency to cause people to be a little more careless and little more stupid than they would be in a more careful environment.”

Sifting through such highbrow legalese, one certainly concurs with the literal phrase, “more stupid.”

Anyway, I should also add Vigil now claims she is being singled out for prosecution because she is of Hispanic origin.

That’s like Alberto Vilar saying he was singled out because he was born in New Jersey.

Hey, theft is theft, sweetheart.

As further deflection, County Attorney Brian Treu now has to deal with questions concerning just about every official credit card purchase over the last few years, including such items as Christmas brownies, flowers, baby gifts, office decorations and questionably expensive hotel stays in Denver.

While we certainly have the right to micromanage our own money (a.k.a. tax dollars) to a point, this takes the ever-popular Straw Man Defense to a new low. Unless I see a charge to Shotgun Willie’s in the monthly publishing of county bills, I’ll leave it to others to find out whose uncle is being paid to shovel snow and other forms of local cronyism.

Everything about this issue is so wrong on so many levels it’s hard to figure out where to actually start, but I have a pretty strong feeling about how I would like it all to end.

I really just have one big question for Ms. Vigil: How’d that psychic hotline work out for you?

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