Richard Carnes: Allegedly all society’s fault |

Richard Carnes: Allegedly all society’s fault

Richard CarnesVail, CO, Colorado

Last week accused murderer Richard “Rossi” Moreau pleaded not guilty to allegedly killing Dr. Gary Kitching in West Vail last November.Um … OK, and I am allegedly an extroverted atheist.While we’re at it, the USA allegedly tied England last Saturday in World Cup Soccer, oil is allegedly an improper food source for pelicans, and snow allegedly falls in Happy Valley each December.Why is it that the smarter mankind appears to become, the dumber we get at accepting responsibility? Unless we’re not all evolving at a similar rate (religious extremists notwithstanding), it seems to me that each of us should also be more proficient at spotting cow dung in the stockyards, even when wearing nose plugs.For every humble Jim Joyce (the now infamous first-base umpire who cost Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game), we have a thousand Joran van der Sloots and BP executives who refuse to accept reality for fear of the embarrassment and personal shame that might arise from not always appearing to be in complete control.George Rekers, who along with James Dobson co-founded The Family Research Council and a board member of NARTH (an organization devoted to “curing” gays of their gayness), recently returned from a 10-day European vacation with a male prostitute he hired at Even when caught red-handed (so to speak) at the Miami airport, the man continues to deny any aspect of the alleged issue as inappropriate or hypocritical.Other local examples from one single day in this paper show a 25-year-old soccer goalie “allegedly” punching and kicking a referee because he was upset over losing a game, and in what is certainly an early contender for this year’s winner of the Ludicrous & Asinine Made-up Excuse award (L.A.M.E.), a 52-year-old blamed the president of the United States for causing him to miss a flight at Eagle County Regional Airport.”See what Obama has done to us?!” this alleged moron allegedly shouted while shooting the bird at his United plane as it taxied towards takeoff.One can only imagine the excuses he’ll show up with on his court date.”Your honor, I have it on good authority that because of Obama’s Nigerian birth and secret pledge to the Koran, Hugo Chavez and Bill Ayers conspired with him for the explicit purpose of funneling money away from the FFA in order to provide free health care for illegal aliens, thus not allowing United Airlines to properly staff their check-in counter 30 minutes before scheduled flights to Denver!”As a species, I just don’t think we’ve ever been as insecure as we are now.”If not society, who’s to blame for my personal failures?” has become our mantra, and one I am sure we’ll hear from Rossi and his lawyers over the next few months. If only Moreau could summon just one single speck of integrity and plead guilty, he would not only save the family of Mr. Kitching more needless grief, taxpayers would save a million bucks or so as well.If only.Richard Carnes of Edwards writes weekly. He can be reached at Comment on

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