Richard Carnes: Haiti had it coming |

Richard Carnes: Haiti had it coming

Richard Carnes
Vail, CO, Colorado

On the surface it might appear odd that I could possibly agree with anything to come out of the mouth of the 700 Club’s Pat Robertson, but concerning last week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, I must concur.

The island has had it coming for years.

However, when it comes to defining the actual reasons behind why and how, ol’ Pat and I are bigger polar opposites than the morals of Rush Limbaugh to a cockroach (one is an ethics-free insect, while the other is just a pest in the kitchen garbage).

Robertson, the apparently compassion-free Christian leader who claims to have shifted the course of hurricanes while simultaneously blaming virtually all of America’s woes on liberals and homosexuals, said the earthquake was the direct result of Haitian slaves swearing a pact to the devil back in 1791.

Yep, it’s those damn slaves again.

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Over 200 years ago the selfish subservients were so desperate to kick out the French they promised to grow evil coconuts and live in squalor for hundreds of years if only Satan would force the croissant-lovers back to Paris.

And here I thought all you had to do to send the French running with their tail between their legs was shout, “Boo!” while waving a pointy stick.

Anyway, back here in realityville, scientists have long known about shifting tectonic plates, and the Caribbean plate (which shifts east about 1 inch per year) runs against the North American plate (which is shifting west), thus forming the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault.

Haiti sits directly above it.

After a mere 12 years, the ground along this fault has shifted an entire foot, so just think how far it has shifted over a few thousand years. The obvious build up of stress has to release somewhere at some point, and did so in the same area just 25 years ago (June 1984).

The fact that it occurred last week was a shock to no one paying attention to the science, nor will it be the next time, or the time after that.

So yes, Haiti had it coming because the science behind plate tectonics said it was going to happen sooner or later, just like science says it will happen in California and along the New Madrid fault in Missouri within the next millennium.

Both areas need to be paying attention, but my guess is that people like Pat Robertson have closets full of Christian voodoo dolls to use as excuses for future acts of nature (just stick the pin right here and … voila! Instant rationalization).

This sad little man, along with others living on the wrong side of Oz’s curtain, needs to understand that according to all verifiable evidence collected over the last few hundred years, it has been constantly corrupt and rotating Haitian governments that have been responsible for the island’s continued economic woes, not make-believe bogeymen who hold grudges.

Aside from violence, Pat Robertson is to Christianity as Al Qaeda is to Islam, a sad perversion of an ancient superstition’s perceived original intent.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes a column for the Daily. He can be reached at Comment on

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