Richard Carnes: Hiding behind Vail’s veil |

Richard Carnes: Hiding behind Vail’s veil

If a McCain/Palin sign is found lying upside down on the side of the road, the only explanation is a socialist-loving Obama supporter viciously ripped it out of the ground and left it for dead, which is the exact same thing they would do with the candidate himself, given half the chance.

If an Obama/Biden sign is found lying upside down on the side of the road, the only explanation is a well-to-do racist McCain supporter viciously ripped it out of the ground because they love America (dammit!) and will do anything necessary to save her from the evil clutches of communist liberals, which I know is a redundant term, but you get the point.

Yeah, you betcha, by golly (insert your own Palinism).

Such is the current state of the Happy Valley roadside and online political scene and its residents, who are busy redefining the word “polarizing” with one hand while reassuring each other that white gold and sporadic high-dollar real estate sales will save us this winter with the other.

Both are such a pointless waste of time.

And most of this broadband bravery is played out daily on the Vail Daily Web site (, where the vitriolic viciousness of personal attacks ” towards our own friends and neighbors much more than candidates ” reaches new levels for each day the election crawls closer.

I read the callous comments every morning, and even with my highly questionable ranking of experienced cynicism, am truly amazed at the depths to which some will sink in self-righteous attempts to make a lopsided point, regardless of facts.

The funny thing (or perhaps sad), is that some actually believe they stay anonymous in their rants, thus providing them with repetitive shots of cyber-courage to come across exactly as childish, immature, racist and bigoted as they probably are face to face (where they would quickly lose the nerve to show their true colors).

Put it this way, last week’s arrest of the idiot charged with hacking Sarah Palin’s e-mails (a 20-year-old son of a Democrat Tennessee state lawmaker) should be a sign to these cowards that nothing is anonymous anymore, no matter how many firewalls they think they are hiding behind.

Same goes for e-mails, especially some of those I have received lately regarding Sarah Palin. Those signed and empty of personal attacks are responded to, the others are simply trashed.

But either way, for Pete’s sake, get a clue, or at the very least, a life. The vast majority of you sound eerily similar. Your highly repetitive rhetoric goes something like this:

If you support Obama, then in the eyes of other Obama supporters you hate George Bush, all Republicans, censorship, FOX News, and have a loving and open mind towards people of all races and creeds. But all a Republican sees is that each of you hate America, love socialism, censorship, Che Guevara, playing the race card, homosexuals, flag burning, unfettered diplomacy with terrorists and killing babies for sport.

If you support McCain, in the eyes of other McCain supporters you hate Obama, all Democrats, homosexuals, love FOX News, anything wrapped in the American flag, guns and god(s). But all a Democrat sees is that each of you love George Bush, using Obama’s middle name, FOX News, assault weapons, hate homosexuals, think war is the answer to every question, and are a raging racist towards anyone not white enough to love the same god(s).

You will notice that there are quite a few overlapping qualities shared by both sides, which, among other things, says strongly to me that you folks need to calm down, chill out, take a deep breath, and get a grip on reality.

Really, you do.

Attempting to rip somebody a new one online never has and never will result in that person reversing a position, except perhaps in regards to their personal opinion of you.

Try looking in a mirror and shouting some of the silly nonsense you write, and then you be the judge of just how ridiculous you sound. But whether you smile at your own genius or grimace at your buffoonery I suppose is irrelevant, for 21 days from today it will all be over anyway. And come morning on Nov. 5 we’re going to have a lot more problems around here than just cleaning up election signs from the side of the road or debating who-won-what yesterday.

Tipsine is history folks, so let’s show some real courage and stop sharing opinions if you don’t even have the guts to share your name.

NOTE: The preceding opinions belong to Richard and are not necessarily shared by this newspaper … but for nonanonymous reasons, he thinks they should be.

Richard Carnes of Edwards can be reached at

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