Richard Carnes: Revolts need not be revolting |

Richard Carnes: Revolts need not be revolting

What’s wrong with some of you


Yes, I mean you: the type who thinks owning and being physically able to aim a pistol with your right while holding a beer in your left and shouting racist remarks to whoever’s listening makes you a conservative revolutionary.

News flash: The only thing it makes you is a danger to society.

I know people in Happy Valley who are mad – actually upset – that the American financial markets have been on an upward trend for the past year.

And why are they upset?

Certainly not because their 401(k) is now 60 percent above its low but because it might – just might – make the Obama administration look more good than bad, and this makes them as angry as a Sunday afternoon tourist stuck in traffic on Vail Pass.

Talk about pointless shallowness.

They would rather lose money on paper than read in the paper about their own elected government succeeding to the slightest degree simply because they cherish personal bigotry more than national responsibility.

And today’s modern bigotry reaches far further than skin color or origin of birth though, for today, it’s all about ideology.

Who belongs to what and believes in what no matter what – that’s sadly it for many.

And we all know a few of them.

These are the folks who think an elected official shouting “baby killer!” in a crowded room of adults takes courage, when it actually takes no more guts than typing a personal attack on

They love Sarah Palin, the on-again, off-again darling of the GOP, who mapped out on her Web site which Democrats to attack, and she did so with the crosshairs of a rifle sight as a graphic. It’s like a fun little video game, and only liberals get killed, so no real harm.

They embrace Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh as prophets and, each year, come closer to anointing Reagan a saint (or something along those lines), all without any real knowledge of the former president’s accomplishments or lack thereof.

Besides desperately seeking presumed leaders to tell them what to do, the common thread running through all of this is that, apparently, the more pious, the more prone to violence.

Their hypocrisy cup runneth over.

The outspoken religious of the day seem only able to respond to controversy with violence, and sadly, they do this the world over, never learning from the sins of their fathers, so to speak.

These Americans going nuts over health care seem to have evolved from 9/11 with little more than new methods for domestic terrorism and no interest whatsoever in holding compassionate debate over national issues.

They act no different than a child being told, “No,” yet their retaliation has real consequences for some and is quickly escalating to new lows for what it means to be an American.

I look forward to civilized common sense again taking precedence and those involved realizing their selfish hopes for violence-laced revolutions were nothing more than pipe dreams of a not-so-pleasant past.

As opposed to throwing bricks through windows or spitting on congressmen, civilized revolution occurs in the voting booth.

Rational thought will trump extremism every time.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes a column for the Daily. He can be reached at Comment on

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