Richard Carnes: So many thoughts, only one election |

Richard Carnes: So many thoughts, only one election

Richard CarnesVail CO, Colorado

Rummaging through my mental clearinghouse, I stumbled across a few random, though somewhat poignant, thoughts and internal questions jotted down over the last few months that I feel begrudgingly obligated to share with the masses leading up to the national elections: People wear flip-flops on their feet, and the name is due to the flip of the sandal hitting the bottom of your foot just before the flop of it hitting the ground in anticipation of the next step. This is why when you merely flip something, whether it be a coin or a burger on the grill, you have the pleasure of viewing it from the other side. But when you flip it back again (which apparently in our culture is referred to as a flop), you end up back where you began. So why use the term flip-flop when referring to a politician who has changed a position on an issue? Either they flip or they flop, but if they do both they end up back where they started. Why do both parties insist that patriotism be quantified? If dissent is patriotism, then is acquiescence unpatriotic? Is there anyone more insincere on TV than Sean Hannity? The guy makes Bill OReilly seem humble. Obama is accused of removing the Stars & Stripes from his airplane, when in actuality all his team did was remove the logo (a registered trademark) of the airline they chartered the plane from (North American Airlines) and replaced it with Obamas campaign logo which, surprise-surprise, is the exact same thing John McCain did with his official campaign plane. Note for the symbolism-challenged: Both planes have American flags painted underneath the cockpit. Katrina, Enron, bird flu, climate change, Sept. 11 and the deaths of pope John Paul II and Arafat all would have occurred if Al Gore was president, so why does it really matter who wins this time?Question: Whats the difference between John McCain taking a million dollars from locals then using it to promote taking away our state water rights and Alberto Vilar taking a million dollars from locals then using it to get his name up in lights in a NYC Opera House? Answer: Nothing. Critical thought trumps faith every time, and faith is just another word for hope, so perhaps I should write a book and call it the Audacity of Logic. There is a subtle distinction between criticizing a candidate for being a religious nut and criticizing his or her policies because they use the faulty reasoning techniques of a religious nut. In spite of what a few think, I understand the difference. There will be no freedom of religion in the U.S. until someone can be free of religion and still be elected. I look forward to that day. Oil prices are dropping faster than seasonal VRI workers opting for the Epic Pass. Which will have a larger effect on Happy Valley this winter? Our nation is full of those who think every single thing that goes wrong with the world is the fault of a) George Bush B) some imaginary deity C) climate change or D) Madonna. They are all morons.Coming Soon: Fear The Musical (sung to the tune of Frankie Vallis Grease)We solve our problems with just silly fightsWe have to – stop and think – we need to see it right,There is no danger of progressing too farJust trust in science now and we can be who we are.Fear is the word.They try to scare us each election timeWhy dont they understand, realitys not a crime,They spew distortions just to feed the flamesIts really sad to see, they should be ashamed.Fear is the wordFear is the word, is the word thats inferred It has depth but no meaning,Fear causes panic and worship and terrorFears what they use, but in error.We cave to pressure and we throw awayRationality, like they did yesterday,Hard to believe that we have made it this farStubborn magical beliefs wont let us see who we are.Fear is the wordThats as far as I got, but hey, enjoy the song humming in your head for the next hour or so.NOTE: The preceding opinions belong to Richard and are not necessarily shared by this newspaper but for generous reasons, he thinks they should be.Richard Carnes of Edwards writes a column for the Daily on Tuesdays. He can be reached at

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