Richard Carnes: TEA: Testing Everyone’s Acumen |

Richard Carnes: TEA: Testing Everyone’s Acumen

The only kind of tea parties around here of any significance last week involved chai with perhaps a hint of all-natural sweetener, not taxes with half a cup of overflowing partisan bitterness.

Seriously, if it were possible to ask Fox News, “Hey, how’s that TEA thing working out for you since last Wednesday?” chances are they would reply with, “Oh, that. Well, we did show great numbers for the day, but we’ve moved on to more important things, like why didn’t President Obama get an American water dog?”

The only entity to really profit from all this pseudo uproar was Lipton, which sold a few million extra tea bags and, by the way, is owned by Unilever, a company based in Europe.

In another odd twist, its stock dropped almost 5 percent that day, and the ironically challenged should realize that I’m pretty sure not a single tea bag was purchased tax-free.

Good job, GOP!

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You have managed to rally the bitter, gun-toting masses and fill their little heads with misinformation, rumors and lies all for the short-term benefit of the next round of elections while at the same time negatively exploiting our constitutional rights for freedom of assembly.

The original tea parties had to do with taxes on tea, while this one had little to do with anything but partisan shuffling and proving the theory that stupidity spreads just as quickly as propaganda and innuendo.

Can you say Terry


This goofy media theater playing on the nation’s stage died faster than lift-ticket sales Monday at the Vista Bahn.

The following exchange was played live:

Cable TV reporter: “Why is Obama a fascist?”

Idiot being interviewed: “Because … well, because he is!” followed by surrounding crowd applause and shouts of “Yeah!”

We had to endure Glenn Beck at the Alamo and Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s silly spin stunt of satiable secession, proving that idiotic acts of symbolism are still just idiotic acts.

At the same sad time, we had Democrats going viral with teabagger jokes, but even I wouldn’t stoop so low (besides, they beat me to the punch).

Normally it seems to be the Democrats protesting fascism, while Republicans call basically the same thing socialism, yet neither seems to have a clue as to what either actually means or in what context they belong.

This entire premise of having to “take sides” over taxes ignores the real issue of government pirates hijacking our boats of productivity while we’re busy trying to pump out the flood of debt pouring through the floorboards.

So it’s not that I disagree with the anti-taxes crowd, but its sophomoric methods of screaming for attention are no better than standing in front of Starbucks waving your arms frantically about the color of newspaper boxes.

What a silly waste of time.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes a column for the Daily. He can be reached at

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