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Ride home gets messy for waitress

Christine Ina Casillas Daily Staff Writer

When a 30-year-old Vail cocktail waitress dropped off three men from a nightclub Feb. 20 and returned to her car, she immediately noticed that the car smelled “like a toilet.”

When she sat down in the driver’s seat, she realized it was soaking wet with urine, Vail police records said. The smell of feces emanated throughout the car.

According to police records, she searched her car for the smell of feces and found a lump in the back seat, next to the driver’s side. She also noticed that a video she was supposed to return had been stolen.

Earlier in the evening, according to police records, she met the three men at the club and agreed to take them home. She went inside with them, and went upstairs alone with one of them for about 30 minutes. During that time, the man’s friend called him about three times on his cell phone. The woman “thought it was weird,” and she became uncomfortable with the situation and how the men were acting. She left shortly thereafter.

When she got into her car, she realized that one of them urinated and defecated in her car. She threw the feces into the trash near a gas station and went home and showered.

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Later, when Vail police arrived to question the three men, they were asleep. After being awakened, they denied the accusations. They said they “blacked out,” “passed out” and couldn’t remember anything that happened that night.

Officers questioned the men for more than hour, and the men continued to “deny everything,” police records said.

Petting problems

When an Avon man attempted to pet a family dog last week, the response wasn’t exactly what he expected.

The man was walking in Wildridge when he stopped to pet a small black and white dog. The dog allegedly turned around and bit him on his right hand, causing a small puncture wound.

The dog was on a leash, and the owner was with him at the time, said Avon police records. The owner didn’t live in Wildridge and wasn’t familiar with the streets, the victim told officers. The dog owner was cited for failure to control his animal.

The dog owner and the man exchanged names and phone numbers, and the man was treated at the Vail Valley Medical Center and released.

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