Ride horses and bikes (not literally) this week: Kids Corner for the week of 5/18/20 | VailDaily.com

Ride horses and bikes (not literally) this week: Kids Corner for the week of 5/18/20

Editor’s note: The Vail Daily has started a weekly kids section full of games, toys and activities to keep the young and the young at heart entertained during quarantine. If you have an idea for the section or would like to get involved, email Entertainment Editor Casey Russell at crussell@vaildaily.com.

Word of the Week

Learn new words in English and Spanish each week.

horse / caballo

Sassy received rehabilitative care at Mountain Valley Horse Rescue last year.
Nate Day | Special to the Daily

Time Travel

Learn about Eagle County’s history with tales about local ranches.

The Calhoun Ranch was homesteaded by Andrew and Emmaline Hyde in 1887, when their son Bert H. Hyde was 12 years old. The ranch is still located in Lake Creek Valley by New York Mountain. Bert grew up on the ranch and in 1923 married Gildie Powers. They had five children. They called their ranch Hyde Hurst.  Bert’s daughter, Ardyth, was born on the ranch and married Con Ira Calhoun. They raised four boys and renamed it the Calhoun Ranch. 

After leasing the ranch and living in Denver for several years, Ardyth returned to the ranch in 1976, remaining there until her death in 2010. The cattle operation became a guest ranch and B&B, and the family still retains ownership of the property. Fourth generation sons, Gary and Larry, live on the ranch.  The ranch has remained true to its roots in the midst of development along Highway 6 in Edwards, complete with grazing horses.  

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In 1989, the ranch was officially designated as a Colorado Centennial Farm by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and the Colorado Historical Society. The title means that ownership of the ranch has been in the same family for 100 years. The ranch is also on the National Register of Historic Places. The original ice house, homestead house, granary and numerous outbuildings remain on the property today. 

Time Travel is submitted by the Vail Valley Art Guild’s Ranch Project, which is chronicling local history through art. Learn more at vailvalleyartguild.org.

Game of the Week

Four Square


  • Make a big square, number the squares 1-4 and divide it in half lengthwise and widthwise, just like the classic recess game.
  • Server must put one foot behind the service line.
  • Everyone must hit underhand.
  • Ball must bounce once and only once in your square before your strike it (including on the serve).
  • If someone makes a mistake, you rotate, and that person goes to the back of the line (outside the #1 square).
  • Server takes care of any arguments (unless it involves the server – then vote as a group, or play rock paper scissors).
  • Inside lines are out, outside lines are in (inside lines are shared, while outside lines are not shared so you know whose square it bounced in)
  • You can move anywhere outside the square or in your section of the square.
  • If it bounces in your square you must strike it.
  • Server must ask “Are you ready?” before serving.
  • No carrying, stalling or holding – you must strike or hit the ball.

The Game of the Week is submitted by Mountain Recreation. Visit mountainrec.org for more information.


MadLibs are one of the most popular word games for kids. See what funny stories you can create with this Vail Valley version.

To play, fill out the Google Form below. Once you submit, the completed story will be sent to the email address provided. Printable copies are available here.

Entertainment editor Casey Russell writes the VailLibs. She can be reached at crussell@vaildaily.com.

Toy of the Week

Stomp Rocket

The Stomp Rocket is fun for all ages, no batteries required.
Special to the Daily

Best for ages: 3-99

Where to buy: Wishes the Toy Store (or check with your other favorite local retailers) 

Spring is here and outside is where we all want to be. Stomp rockets are awesome, easily portable toys for your backyard, driveway or park. See how high you can launch them by jumping on the stomp pad, no batteries required. Compete with friends to see whose goes the highest or farthest. They are easy enough for 3-year-olds to launch, but we promise dad will want to take a turn as well.

Coloring page

This photo was taken by Jon Sheppard and is part of the Vail Valley Art Guild’s Ranch Project.
Jon Sheppard | Special to the Daily

Print the page here.

Learn how to make your own coloring pages here.

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