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Riders survive the heat at the Boneyard Brawl

David Sanders-Kulesza winds down Boneyard Trail during the Boneyard Brawl on Wednesday in Eagle.One loop of the course is 6.5 miles and has 1,200 feet of elevation gain.
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EAGLE ¬タヤ So how hot was it at Wednesday¬タルs Boneyard Brawl?

¬タワIt was hot,¬タン men¬タルs expert rider Dan Findley said. ¬タワEveryone was struggling today.¬タン

The riders of the VRD Westin Athletic Club Mountain Bike Race Series are a hearty lot. They take on Vail Mountain. The series ends in two weeks with the Beaver Creek Blast. In between there¬タルs the Davos Dash, which is simply excruciating.

But heat is something to which mountain-bikers are not accustomed, especially in this part of the world.

¬タワI¬タルve been doing the town series for about eight years and today was one of the hottest.¬タンCiro ZirateMountain-bike racer

¬タワAs hot as Africa,¬タン joked Jenn Ventura of Team Vail Valley Medical Center. ¬タワTypically, I ride early in the morning. It¬タルs about 60-70 (degrees). I try to be on the bike at 8:30 a.m.¬タン

By the way, Wednesday¬タルs high in Cairo was 100 degrees, but Ventura¬タルs point is taken.

¬タワI¬タルd much rather be rained on,¬タン singlespeed ace Ciro Zirate said. ¬タワI¬タルve been doing the town series for about eight years and today was one of the hottest.¬タン


With riders doing as much as 18 miles in 85- to 90-degree heat, it was a challenge on the East Eagle Trail and The Boneyard.

¬タワYou¬タルve just got measure your effort and how hard you can go, try not to blow out,¬タン Zirate said. ¬タワMaintain your rhythm.¬タン

That¬タルs easier said than done when you have only one gear on your bike.

Janel Klug, who competed in the Firecracker 50 last month in Breckenridge, was enjoying an ice pack after the finish after sliding off her bike on the downhill section.

¬タワThe downhill was pretty fun even though it was brutal in parts,¬タン she said. ¬タワIt keeps you on your toes.¬タン

While Klug dinged her left knee a bit, she was fortunate on that part of the course. Multiple riders had flat tires there. But the good news was that there were cold drinks at the finish line.

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