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Right direction

Barney and Carrie Dill
Edwards, CO Colorado

As most all valley residents are wont to do on a regular or semi-regular basis, we found it unavoidable to go to The Home Depot this past weekend. I say unavoidable because for the past couple of years, while usually yielding what we needed, or at least what we thought we needed, this task was almost always fraught with frustration.

We would enter the “Astrodome for Home” with great trepidation. If it was for a grill, shovel, two-by-four, etc., the simple power of observation would make a self-guided tour quite successful. But God help you if you needed a more arcane product. Past queries such as “something to keep the TV from tipping on our daughter” or “double-sided Velcro” were met with that 10,000-foot stare reserved for Hollywood war epics. The stare would quickly segue into vapidity but finish with an authoritative directive, “Ah yes, that would be on the left side of aisle 38 about halfway down on the right, head high, I think.” Ah, I could taste success!

As dutiful customers, we were off to the Shangri-La of Velcro, but when we arrived, invariably it was more likely the Eden of toilet plungers. We would turn on our heels and scan the horizon but see no one, followed shortly thereafter by vivid memories from our youth of crickets chirping in the night.

Well, if yesterday was any indication, this has changed mightily. Armed with a typical list: A) tools, B) light bulbs and C) “I will know it when I see it,” we sought help.

To our immense surprise, we were given excellent service. They not only gave directions but guided us to the suspected locations of what we needed. As importantly, when they didn’t have the correct answer, they said as much rather then the wild goose chases of yore. They even had great ideas for the abovementioned “C” on our list. This was not just a single motivated employee, either, but a number of them. It seems, at least in this instance in this store, they are again moving in the right direction. Thank you, Home Depot.

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