Road conditions only a click away |

Road conditions only a click away

David L'Heureux

EAGLE – Probably the worst thing about winter travel is all of the unexpected variables travelers can encounter along mountain roads. Dealing with unexpected road and weather conditions on the drive to Denver or Glenwood Springs, however, is now a little less likely. On Sept. 21, the Town of Eagle started their own version of reality TV with the launch of channel 21, a station devoted entirely to providing travel condition information for motorists.Cameras positioned along the I-70 corridor from Glenwood to Denver show current road and weather conditions travelers will encounter on their trips. In addition to the live camera feeds, the station will also provide weather information via satellite for the state and region, so you can see not only what is happening now, but what is on the way.Town manager Willy Powell explains the advantages this type of programming gives to travelers. “Satellite weather maps, that are also real-time, show the Western U.S. then narrow down to western Colorado, so it’s easy to see what is on the way,” said Powell.The fact that cameras are positioned all along I-70 also enables travelers to see if it is snowing all the way between Eagle and Denver, or just part of the way. Many times it may only be snowing on Vail Pass, but after that things clear up. Other times, the roads may be fine, but there is an accident that is tying up traffic in Georgetown or somewhere else along the way. Channel 21 simply provides drivers with more information to base their decision on before taking a trip.”It’s pretty unique because it gives you real-time photos of I-70 from Glenwood to Denver, so if you are making a trip either way and you’re uncertain of the weather, you can make a determination from the strategically placed cameras,” said Powell. Along with the continuous road and weather updates, a “ticker” at the bottom of the screen provides viewers with town news, information about upcoming meetings, land-use reviews and other community happenings.Vail Colorado

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