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Road map to women

Cassie Pence

Listen up, men. You’re prayers have been answered.Since the beginning of Eve, men have been moaning and groaning about their confusing female counterparts.”What do they want?” men cry. “If only there was a book explaining what makes them tick,” other men plead.Health journalist Gabrielle Lichterman’s “28 Days” is a daily horoscope book written for women based on their 28-day hormonal cycle. Even though the book is composed for the female mind, if read by men, “28 Days” can give valuable insight into women’s moods and emotions. The book can even predict how women will feel on a certain day. And take it from this female writer – it works. For men, this means you can read her signs, which the book spells out, and deduce when to stock the freezer with rocky road ice cream. Or, on the contrary, the book explains when you can invite the boys over unannounced for poker without it reaping an apocalyptic blow out fight.For women, it helps you forecast life day by day according to the yo yo that is your monthly cycle. “28 Days” explains scientifically why Day 17 brings the blues and lack of confidence, but during Day 18 you can say good-bye to mood swings. The book advises women on how to handle the low hormone days with diet and exercise and also how to stay grounded when high levels of estrogen and testosterone have permanently attached rose colored glasses. As the book reads, “it’s all in a day’s hormones.””A lot of this stuff is merely a confirmation of what we (women) have all felt,” Lichterman said from her New York office. “Foggy on certain days, scattered talking a million miles a minute on other days. It’s what we women have suspected for a long time.”The idea for the book was born while Lichterman, who has written thousands of articles on women’s issues, was doing research on hormones for a health article. She found a study that said on low estrogen days, women are attracted to softer more emotional guys. On higher estrogen days, women want more masculine, burly guys.”I thought, ‘That is really odd. No one told us this before,'” Lichterman said. “This was revolutionary.”She then went on a hunt for other hormonal research and found dozens of studies completed during every phase of the menstrual cycle. Then Lichterman, as pointed out in the book’s foreword by Dr. Scott Haltzman of Brown University, linked the hormonal changes in the body to behavior changes in the brain. And she has done this in 28 entertaining chapters filled with advise, scientific explanations, sassy anecdotes and gut-busting empathy that will touch home with every woman.And for the men, Lichterman has created a handbook.”Couples are reading the book together,” Lichterman said. “It’s helping their relationship. It’s telling the men when extra care is needed, and it’s telling the woman how she’s going to react to her guy and why.”What’s not in the book, which Lichterman shared during the interview, is that men have hormonal cycles, too. Men’s level of testosterone rises and falls about five to seven time each day, Lichterman said. Women experience hormonal changes gradually throughout the month.”I’m so glad I don’t have a hormonal cycle like that,” Lichterman quipped.=============Where to buyTo find out where to purchase Gabrielle Lichterman’s “28 Days,” visit her Web site at and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14640, or, Colorado

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