Road rage leads to broken motorcycle in Gypsum |

Road rage leads to broken motorcycle in Gypsum

Editors note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.GYPSUM A driver broke a motorcyclists windshield after the men argued, according to an Eagle County Sheriffs Office Report.The driver, 52, and his wife followed the motorcyclist, 41, on Black Bear Road because the motorcyclist was speeding and weaving through traffic, the couple said. They wanted to tell the motorcyclist to slow down. The motorcyclist flipped off the driver and gestured at him to come over when the men were stopped. The driver stood in front of the motorcycle and the motorcyclist tried to run over him, the drivers wife said. The driver grabbed the motorcycle for his safety and was thrown aside, she said. There were tire marks on his legs. The motorcyclist denied speeding and said he passed the driver because he was driving too slow. The driver was cursing at the motorcyclist, so he tried to leave. Thats when the driver grabbed his windshield and broke it, he said. The driver was ticketed for obstructing a street, and the motorcyclist was ticketed for reckless driving, driving without a license, expired license plates and disorderly conduct.

EDWARDSA man pushed a liquor-store clerk when the clerk refused to let him pay with change, according to an Eagle County Sheriffs Office report. The man and four other men had been coming to buy alcohol every night between 10 and 11 p.m. They had been using change to buy alcohol, even though the clerk had told them not to. On April 26, the men came to pay with quarters, but the clerk refused to sell them alcohol because it was closing time. The man said he would come back later to settle things, the report says. The man pushed the clerk and wrapped his arm around the clerks neck after the clerk told the men to leave. The clerk began punching the man, who left with the other men in a black Lincoln Navigator. Sheriffs deputies couldnt find the suspects.

GYPSUMA man who vandalized a bus stop at the Eagle County Regional Airport and hid in a field afterward was ticketed, according to an Eagle County Sheriffs Office report. The man, 21, was trying to rent a car so he could drive back to Tulsa, Okla., but he didnt have a credit card, he said. He got upset and kicked and broke some boards at an airport bus stop April 25.Some firefighters spotted him hiding in some weeds, and sheriffs deputies found him and handcuffed him. He ran into a field when airport employees followed him because he didnt want to get into trouble, he said. The man was ticketed for disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

EAGLEA driver escaped police in a car chase, according to the Eagle Police Department. The driver ignored a police officers lights and siren and drove 60 miles per hour through town. The chase covered Capitol Street, Brush Creek Road and U.S. Highway 6.The suspect pulled into the Green Acres Trailer Park, and police found an open beer in the car but no suspect. The vehicle was impounded.

EAGLEAn Eagle Valley Middle School student is in trouble after sending a vulgar e-mail to fellow students. School employees got a copy of the e-mail and called the cops.Some students said they felt threatened by the e-mail. The student said the e-mail was a joke but that he had second thoughts after sending it.The students parents were notified, and he was ticketed for harassment.

EAGLEA young driver who crashed after going around 75 miles per hour tried to lie that a sport utility vehicle caused the crash, according to the Eagle Police Department. The driver was on Rule Road when the SUV repeatedly rammed his vehicle and caused him to crash, he said. After police questioned his story, the young driver said he had borrowed the car from his mom and had taken some other young people on a drive. He had been going 75 to 80 miles per hour before running off the road.He was ticketed.

EAGLEA man took a taxi from a hotel to the hospital when he had chest pains, according to the Eagle Police Department. The man got a taxi to take him to the Vail Valley Medical Center, but when he got there, he didnt have the money to pay the $107 fare. His wife was contacted, and she paid the fare.The Eagle Valley Enterprise contributed to this article. Staff Writer Steve Lynn can be reached at 970-748-2931 or

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