Road rage turns into brawl in Eagle-Vail |

Road rage turns into brawl in Eagle-Vail

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado ” Two men fought at an intersection after an older driver told a younger man to stop walking in the middle of the street, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

A 52-year-old man was driving on Deer Boulevard when he saw a 19-year-old man walking in the street. The 19-year-old cursed at the 52-year-old, who said, “Don’t talk to me that way.”

The 19-year-old man cursed at the 52-year-old again. The 52-year-old said he got out of the car when the 19-year-old pushed him and kicked him several times.

The men started wrestling in the snow and a homeowner who lived nearby broke up the fight.

Paramedics treated the 52-year-old, whose forehead was bleeding. The 19-year-old was handcuffed. The homeowner said the 52-year-old started the fight and was “crazy.”

The 52-year-old and 19-year-old were ticketed for disorderly conduct.

GYPSUM, Colorado ” An 11-year-old girl reported that two men in a pickup truck tried to get her inside their truck and said something obscene to her, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

The 11-year-old girl didn’t learn that school was canceled Feb. 11 until after her father dropped her off at Gypsum Creek Middle School.

The men drove up next to her, asked her where she lived and offered her a ride home. She ignored them and one of the men called her an obscene name.

She then ran to the school’s custodian, who was shoveling snow outside. Then the girl went to the school office and called her mother, who called the Sheriff’s Office.

The girl did not report the incident to school officials. The custodian reported seeing the truck approach the girl, but did not think she was in danger.

The 11-year-old was told to speak to authorities next time.

EDWARDS, Colorado ” “SUR 13” was spray-painted on two garage doors and was written at a bus stop, according to Eagle County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Maintenance workers saw black “SUR13NO” on one garage door and “13” spray-painted on another garage door in Lake Creek Village. “SUR13,” “KYL,” “719” and sketch of a handgun was written in pencil at the bus stop at the apartment complex.

“Sur 13” is a symbol for a street gang known as “Sureno” or “Sureno Trece.” “Sureno” means “southerner” in Spanish. The gang symbols have been spray-painted at least six times in Edwards in the past three months.

EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado ” Two men who took a taxi from Vail to Eagle-Vail ran away from their $32 cab fare, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

A cab driver picked up two men from Vail Transportation Center and took the men to River Run apartment complex.

The men asked the price of the fare and the cab driver said it would cost about $30. The men got out of the cab and ran.

Sheriff’s deputies looked for the men, but did not find them.

EAGLE, Colorado ” Several people reported hearing what they thought were gunshots in the Bluffs neighborhood last week, but turned out to be fireworks, according to Eagle police.

Police followed the sound to the back porch of a home where they saw a man shooting off fireworks.

The man was ticketed.

The Eagle Valley Enterprise contributed to this report. Staff Writer Steve Lynn can be reached at 748-2931 or

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