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Road relations

Bicyclists and drivers deserve equal blame for some of the conflicts on the county’s roads.

There are obnoxious drivers who think the road belongs to them and there are arrogant cyclists who like to weave into traffic just to show motorists they are there.

There are drivers who plow through the roundabouts without paying attention to cyclists or pedestrians.

There are cyclists who plow through the roundabouts without paying attention to cars or pedestrians.

There are drivers and there are cyclists who ignore traffic laws, and decide they are the only person on the road.

It will take both groups behaving more considerately to bring a little more civility to our roads.

It will take bicyclists staying out of traffic whenever possible, such as those who seem to ride as far into the lane as possible without getting clobbered.

It also will take drivers being aware that bicyclists and pedestrians have as much right to the road as cars and trucks do.

We’ve all seen those drivers who refuse to slow down at crosswalks or weave slowly off the side of the road without looking.

Our roads and highways could be more accommodating to those without motors. Wider shoulders, streetlights and sidewalks would help from Vail to Eagle. The recreation paths are nice, but many cyclists avoid them to stay out of the way of more slowly moving objects ” such as families with strollers and people walking dogs.

So until there’s more room, we should all look out for each other regardless of how we’re traveling.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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