Road shouldn’t run through this Vail area property |

Road shouldn’t run through this Vail area property

Bill Rodkey
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am writing to express in the strongest terms possible my total opposition and protest to allowing a private developer to build a full service road in what is now called Berry Creek Road at the June Creek access.

To build such a full two-lane road in an area that is inhabited by many species of wildlife and used by untold numbers of private citizens every day is an absolute affront to common sense. Should the U.S. Forest Service take part in such folly so that 19 homes can be built someday? I think not.

For example, this area is one of the last in our area where we can go to hike, snowshoe, walk our dogs, and enjoy the natural beauty. Even today, the road is closed to wheeled vehicles for the sake of the migrating deer and elk.

Why would it suddenly be possible that it is no longer necessary to close the road for four to five months each year, but now suddenly it becomes a full service two-lane road? Such a decision defies understanding.

Is this “private developer” so politically powerful that property owners and taxpayers from all over the valley no longer have a say? I hope that will not prove to be the case.

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I beseech you to do what is right for nature. Do what is right for the wildlife. Do what is right for the downstream health of the creek. And please do what is right for the people who use and love the area. Please do not cave in to a “private developer” who cares nothing about the above stated issues.

Thank you for your consideration of my concerns and those of many others.

Bill Rodkey


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