Robert Gosienski |

Robert Gosienski

Your full name: Robert Gosienski

Nickname: Goseshski

Your school: Battle Mountain

How many years in the valley: 18

Siblings: One

Names of parent(s): Ziggy and Ruth

My parents named me this because: After Robert E. Lee

I’m sick of hearing my parents say: “Respect!”

What are your plans for after graduation: Amsterdam ” 2 weeks

Where would like to see yourself in 10 years: In the woods, trekkin’

What will you miss most about high school: The easiness

What will you miss least about high school: B.S. rules

Favorite memory during high school: SHC

Who do you most admire and why: Aron Brill, because he is such a visionary

Favorite teacher: Caudill

If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why: Jimmy Page, but less eating and more jamming

I’m looking forward to … CU-Boulder, Treasure Mountain

I can’t believe … Weiss broke the dragon

Most people don’t know I … am going to open a ski area

Favorite meal: Chocolate milk and DONATZ

Advice for younger students: Stop trying so hard at school ” enjoy it

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