Robinette Hoppin: ‘I am a big proponent of public education’ |

Robinette Hoppin: ‘I am a big proponent of public education’

Robinette Hoppin’s multitude of volunteer positions overlap a little, but add them all up and she has 25 years worth of working with local schools.

In all the time she hasn’t been paid one thin dime, which works out well because she’s running for school board, and despite the heroic work they do, they don’t get paid either.

Hoppin has been around the valley since 1990 when she moved here to compete as a professional mogul skier. She enjoyed a 10-year pro career.

She graduated the University of Colorado business school, and put her training to work in a personal way.

She and her husband did some math, tightened their belts and she retired from her job selling wine.

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“I have that drive as a parent,” Hoppin said. “Since then I have been and continue to be very involved in education.”

She and her husband decided to locate in Gypsum because their children could walk to every school they’d attend from Red Hill Elementary through Eagle Valley High School. Her sons attend Gypsum Creek Middle School.

Hoppin said she started looking at making a run two years ago. She got up to speed and threw her hat in the ring.

It didn’t take long. She was already an A student. She was on the district accountability committee for two schools, putting her inside the inner workings of how students are instructed.

That helped her work across all schools, and beyond the schools in her district, she said.

She was born and raised in Littleton where she attended public schools.

“I am a big proponent of the public education system,” she said.

Fiscal responsibility and financial transparency are vital, and, she said most important is strengthening the district by empowering teachers and administrators.

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