Rockies fans: Are the Broncos reporting yet? |

Rockies fans: Are the Broncos reporting yet?

What to make of being swept by the Giants?

San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval, left, tries to eat/hugs shortstop Donovan Solano following their sweep of the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. Having been swept by the Giants, the Rockies are in serious trouble.
David Zalubowski | Associated Press

The Colorado Rockies might want to consider giving up this baseball thing.

How in the wide, wide world of sports do the San Francisco Giants come into Coors Field and sweep the Rockies four straight?

Before you fire up the old email, this is not your orange-and-black-clad sports editor woofing about his favorite baseball team. Freud knows his Giants have stunk like bog water since the 2016 All-Star Break.

I come to bury the Rockies, not praise the Giants.

On a somewhat serious note, the Giants were 3-18 at Coors Field in the last two years and change before winning four games during the past three days.

How does any self-respecting baseball franchise get crushed by the Giants?

The heart of the San Francisco lineup on Wednesday was Pablo Sandoval, who weighs around 400 pounds at last check, Stephen Vogt, a 34-year backup catcher, and Mike Yastrzemski, who’s Carl’s grandson.

The home nine scored 15 runs at Coors Field in a four-game series against San Francisco pitchers not named Madison Bumgarner, the only stud the team has. (The Giants held him out so he doesn’t get shellacked before the trading deadline.)

The Rockies allowed 40 runs, or in easy math, 10 runs a game to a team that has needed directions on how to circumnavigate the bases for most of the season.

This was a playoff team last year.

Where’d the pitching go?

The Rockies built a super bullpen. It’s very trendy these days to have the starter go five innings and then line up the fireballers.

The only problem is that super bullpens tend to explode. Wade Davis (making $18 million) is 1-4 with a 6.04 ERA and 14 saves in 16 opportunities. If you’re looking for advanced metrics, his WHIP (walks/hits to innings pitched) is a wretched 1.69. His groundouts to outs by air is 1.04, not good in a world of shifts and playing half your games at Coors.

Scott Oberg is having a career year, so good on him, but Carlos Estevez (1.42 WHIP) and Bryan Shaw (1.31 WHIP) are allowing a parade of baserunners. Chad Bettis, whose best days seem behind him, is getting lit up like a Christmas tree. Jake McGee has been torched of late.

What’s more, the starting pitching, which fueled the drive to the postseason, is struggling. Kudos to John Gray. German Marquez showed promise early but is looking like a youngster reaching his innings limit.

Kyle Freeland fell off the earth after finishing fourth in the Cy Young balloting last year, while Antonio Senzatela does not seem to be fulfilling his potential.

Where’d the HR go?

To add insult to injury, what happened to the offense? The Rockies are 10th in the National League and 21st in the majors in home runs with half of their games at 5,280 feet and a juiced ball.

Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon and Trevor Story are doing their thing, but the lineup isn’t entirely imposing as in years past. The team dearly misses DJ LeMahieu.

I don’t understand doling out $25 million between Ian Desmond and Daniel Murphy. Hitters should be lining up to play at Coors for a lot less than what they’re producing.

Four games do not a season make — again, with the admonition that no team should ever drop four straight at home to the sisters of the poor known as the Giants — but what’s realistic?

No one’s catching the Dodgers in the NL West. Do the Rockies shave a shot at the wild card? Yes, and so does everyone in the National League except for the Miami Marlins.

The Rockies head to Yankee Stadium this weekend, so things are looking up … or not. The good news? Broncos training camp opens today.

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