Rockies fans hold out hope |

Rockies fans hold out hope

Charlie Owen
Vail CO, Colorado

AVON — The first battle is over and the smoke has cleared.

It’s Thursday night at Finnegan’s Wake in Avon. The lights in the bar are dimmed for atmosphere, and the television sets are ablaze with images from Boston’s Fenway Park. Game two of the World Series is under way, and the Red Sox are up one game.

This is the Rockies’ first Series, and you can see the anxiety on the faces of both teams’ fans.

Theo Schiel and Faron Marriott are in town from Denver working on a local construction project. In between sips of draft beer they each share unfriendly words for Boston’s team.

“I can’t stand them,” Schiel said. “I hate them with a passion. I’m not a big baseball fan but I can’t stand how many Boston fans are in Colorado right now, so that makes me hate them even more.”

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Marriot agreed. He obviously was not happy with the Rockies’ performance in game one, where the Red Sox trampled the Rockies, 13-1. The Rockies are just nervous because it’s their first time playing in a World Series, he said.

“I think we got a chance tonight,” Marriot said.

His predictions for the entire event are equally upbeat.

“It’s gonna come down to the seventh game I think, but the Rockies will win it all.”

If T-shirts tell a story, then Boston fans outnumbered Rockies’ fans at the bar by a large margin. Seated close by a big-screen TV, Todd James sat with friends and cheered for his home team.

“I grew up in Boston, I’ve been a fan all my life,” he said. “Last nights’ game was great. Boston’s going to win it again. It will be a lot closer tonight, though.”

The screams of the fans got louder with each play in the game. James never took his eyes off of the screen.

“I’m gonna stick with what I’m hearing. Boston in six,” he added. “I think Colorado is too good to go down in a sweep.”

James gave credit to the Rockies, saying that Colorado’s post-season explosion was impressive. But he hates their sleeveless uniforms, and he can’t get past that fact, he said.

Likewise, most Boston fans had no qualms about their dislike for the team that stands in the way of a Red Sox victory.

“I don’t hate the Rockies,” said Sandy Jennings, a native of Boston who has lived in Colorado for six years now, “but I’m very satisfied. Bean Town is going crazy right now.”

She also complained about the Rockies ticket fiasco earlier this week, which left many fans without tickets for the Coors Field games. Despite it all, her dislike for the Rockies can’t compare to her hatred for the Yankees.

“I’d rather be around Rockies’ fans than Yankees’ fans,” Jennings said.

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