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Geraldine Haldner
Special to the DailyThe ribs are a staff favorite, as is the chicken.

Rocks Modern Grill in the Beaver Creek Lodge exudes the kind of confidence rarely seen in a dining establishment still six months shy of its first year in business.

Maybe it’s the rough-hewn rock walls, leathery wallpaper and flamboyant decor, or maybe it’s the gaggle of ski instructors laughing at themselves at the bar, but this eatery seems like an odd addition to Beaver Creek’s otherwise sophisticated, tone-in-tone dining scenery.

Rocks Modern Grill is bold and feels like fun as soon as you enter it.

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“We are trying to be the place that is a little bit better, a little bit more affordable and a little bit friendlier than the other places in Beaver Creek,” says Clay Williams, director of food and beverages.

The menu choices are are far-reaching, from a tasty home-style chili to a delicate lavender-and-honey basted duck for dinner.

“It’s American food with other cultural influences in it,” Williams says when asked to describe executive chef John Trejo’s vision for the restaurant. “There is Asian and Hispanic influences to it. I wouldn’t say we are all over the map, but we do run the gamut.”

All dishes, from a creamy I-must-be-dreaming wild mushroom soup to an appetizer plate of artichokes with oil and lemon, are served up in generous portions. Both meat and fish dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients from scratch.

Sous-chef Scott Ofsenko says working at Rocks keeps him on his toes with a weekly rotating menu of rotissery and seafood specials.

“We get to do a lot of specials and use what’s good and available,” he says. “Creatively we have a lot of freedom here and that keeps things fresh and interesting.”

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. (bar remains open until 1 a.m. as business permits).

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