Rocks on road in Bond, again |

Rocks on road in Bond, again

Barry Simmers
Bond CO, Colorado

About a year ago I sent an article in about the rocks on the road in Bond area. It happened again this past Saturday . There had to be 50 rocks on the road, some as big as 3 feet by 3 feet just before Bond and one disabled vehicle that hit one of these rocks.

It was about 6:50 in the morning. You can’t see these rocks at that time of the morning.

Last year the head of the DOT said it wasn’t in his budget to do anything about it. Just wait until a schoolbus or one of those logging trucks hits one of those rock and flips and injures a bunch of kids. Then we’ll see how much his budget means.

This is nuts how CDOT just blows this problem off. If he lived up here or traveled this road a lot, you can bet there would be barriers set up to keep the rocks off the road.

Barry Simmers

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