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‘Rocky Horror Show’ returns to Eagle-Vail in time for Halloween weekend

Bart Garton
VAIL CO, Colorado
HL Rocky Horror 4 DT 10-19-11

Last week’s performances of “The Rocky Horror Show” went off without a hitch. The crowd, which had been the missing “character” in the rehearsals leading up to opening night, showed up in spades. It was raucous, profane and appropriately fun loving. Flashlights were shined, toast was thrown and cards were dealt. The cast, crew and band all showed up ready to rock … and rock they did. From the opening notes of the “Overture” to the final bars of “Time Warp,” everybody displayed over-the-top enthusiasm and professional confidence that comes from having done this last year and never really losing it. It was a total blast for everyone involved. For those of you who still haven’t seen it, get your tickets now.

To give you a little taste, this week’s column is going to touch on the plot and characters of “The Rocky Horror Show.” Memorizing these details is not at all important for your ability to enjoy the show, but it may impress friends and influence people in your journey through the sensual morass of what is the ultimate cult-musical-science-fiction-soft-porn parody. Note: there is a narrator to help guide you through the story but, as you’ll quickly find out, he’s hard to hear over the din of the crowd reminding him how boring he is or giving suggestions on how he could improve his physical presence. It’s all taken in stride by John Tedstrom, who stoically weathers the storm of insults toward his persona. It’s not rude, it’s part of the whole Rocky Horror thing.

But I digress, onto the plot that is not at all important to understand.

Janet Weiss, a whiny, bitchy virgin who starts the show as someone whose only goal is to marry well, seemingly is getting her wish after attending a friend’s wedding with her boyfriend, Brad Majors. He’s a straight-laced yuppy, also a virgin, and very properly asks for her hand with a ring that’s bigger than that of the bride they just saw getting married (this makes a difference to Janet). Apparently, it’s important to Brad that they visit Dr. Everett Scott, the science professor in whose classroom Brad and Janet met, and share the good news of their impending nuptials. It’s a dark and stormy night when they embark on their journey, and they quickly fall prey to a flat tire, which brings them to the Grand Guignol castle and a scary bunch of “weirdos” (Brad’s words).

Riff Raff, the manservant of the house, unceremoniously greets the wayward couple and allows them inside. Here they meet another servant, Magenta, who is by all respects crazy as a loony bird. These two characters make our couple quite uncomfortable, demonstrating a wild dance called “The Time Warp” and removing the hapless couple’s clothing. Brad and Janet are getting nowhere and consider leaving altogether, when the master of the house appears. This doesn’t help much, as Dr. Frank N Furter proves to be a narcissistic, selfish, quite mad, transvestite scientist. He’s a slave to sensuality, and quite indiscriminate about his sexual mores. He’s genius enough to create life, and shows off his creation at the moment of birth. This creature is named Rocky and is extremely confused during his super accelerated growth. It soon becomes apparent that Frank’s main intention is to use Rocky to “relieve his tension.” Just as all this is coming to light in horrifying detail, the party is broken up by Eddie, a troubled lad who wandered into Frank’s lair a while ago only to become his experimental guinea pig. You see, half of Eddie’s brain was removed to be used for Rocky. Now he’s back from the deep freeze to stake his claim and reignite a romance with Columbia, another of Frank’s minions. Frank has other ideas, and quickly dispatches Eddie with a chainsaw.

All this in the first act of the show. And I’m out of space. I guess you’ll just have to come see it for yourself to find out how it all ends. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Bart Garton is a longtime local video producer who does some acting on the side. He’ll be performing the part of Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Email comments to cschnell@vaildaily.com.

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