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‘Rocky’ reprise gets rolling in Vail Valley

Bart Garton
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CVR Rocky Horror KA 10-22-10

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – “Gimme an ‘O!'”

And thus started a rocky beginning to rehearsal a few days ago. The culprit was one of the phantoms, the omnipresent dancing chorus and human set pieces that make the Rocky Horror Show a true spectacle. They are the unsung heroes of the show. They have to learn more dance moves and song lyrics than any of the principals and they create an incredibly vibrant background that is just as much fun to focus on as the plot (if there were one).

But back to the inauspicious start. The only line the phantom in question had to remember was the first letter in R-O-C-K-Y. We were practicing from the beginning, in which the band cranks it up into a whining guitar solo and the audience’s cheers crescendo. Then the drums beat out a straight four, and the phantoms lead a cheer to open the show. Our new addition either forgot how to spell altogether, or was so excited he was giving us a hint as to how he physically felt to be part of this orgiastic extravaganza. Rehearsal came to a screeching halt before it had even begun, dumbfounded cast members looked at him with mouths agape, and the perpetrator foolishly twiddled his thumbs and cleaned himself up.

Gladly, it went surprisingly smoothly from there. Most of the cast members of “The Rocky Horror Show” from last year are returning, and the new ones are extremely talented and fast pupils. So, it’s like old home week. We’ve got the band back together, and we’re on a mission from God. Oh, man. There’s a chance that’s blasphemous. I apologize for the Blues Brothers reference, but it really feels that way. There’s been a buzz in the valley since last October, when we debuted this raucous show. And everyone’s been pleading for an encore. Well, here it comes.

If you didn’t make it to last year’s show (a virgin!), then here’s a quick synopsis. It’s a terrifying journey over the Continental Divide, hence the name “Rocky Horror.”

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Yeah, in your (tamest) dreams.

If your dreams are a bit wilder, this is the show for you. I’m not going into the plot, as it hardly matters. Suffice it to say this is an R-rated roller coaster ride into campy science fiction with rollicking and rolling production numbers that make it impossible for you to sit still.

There was some question last year as to whether or not the Vail Valley was ready for “The Rocky Horror Show.” Ticket sales quickly quieted that concern. It was the most popular local production this valley has ever seen. Near capacity crowds of people came in their best cross-dressing fashions, high heels and bunny outfits to be a part of the hoopla (this is the one time you may feel foolish if you aren’t wearing fishnet stockings). People were out of their seats more than they were sitting. They yelled at totally inappropriate but hilarious times and became themselves part of the cast. They were groped and “de-virginized” by the skulking Phantoms in the lobby before the show. In all, this was a drop dead fantastic production in which everyone involved had the time of their life. And so, we’re doing The Time Warp again.

Join me over the next few weeks leading up to the show as I send reports from the field along with little inside tidbits that will impress your friends and alienate your neighbors. As Frank N. Furter would say, “Don’t dream it, be it.” Whatever that means.

Bart Garton is a longtime local video producer who does some acting on the side. He’ll be performing the part of Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Email comments to cschnell@vaildaily.com.

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