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Rodeo queen

Hanna Nelson

As the reigning 2003-04 Eagle County Fair and Rodeo queen, I Hanna Nelson, want to thank the many people who have made my year a memorable one. It has been a great honor to serve as a goodwill ambassador for Eagle County and to get to know so many wonderful people in our valley who make these events the success they are. If charity begins at home, then that is where I must begin, as well. My mom, dad and all my family have been here through it all, THANKS! Our neighbors across the river, Steve and Lilian Myers, let us winter my horse on their pasture. I know what it takes to feed a horse, so my many thanks to them. A big thanks to Gary Hoza, the best farrier, who keeps Chief on his feet. A HUGE thank you to my royalty coordinator, Kim Spahmer and her husband, Jim, and her mother, Kirky. A young woman like myself could not ask for a better role model and inspiration than Kim. She has demanded that we be our best, look our best and act our best. The opportunity to learn and grow under Kim’s watchful eye has made a positive difference in my life. I thank her husband for sharing this wonderful woman with the young ladies of Eagle County and thank her mom for raising such a good person. I cannot end this year without thanking Dick and Valerie Kesler and all the Fair Board members who dedicate a big part of their busy lives to making the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo the best it can be. Hats off to everyone and see y’all at the rodeo!

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