Roman candle ruckus rattles Avon |

Roman candle ruckus rattles Avon

Matt Zalaznick

A former property manager of the complex said he saw three people –two men and a woman—setting off fireworks in the parking lot just after midnight. The former property manager suggested they stop and leave the parking lot. He then followed them down a hallway, where one of the men, who was wearing glasses, allegedly set off a small firecracker, making a loud “pop.”

The man with the glasses at first told a sheriff’s deputy he had some friends over and he didn’t know anything about anybody setting off fireworks, according to the police report.

But the man then allegedly admitted that he and his friends had been lighting fireworks. He allegedly told the deputy they were having a “roman candle war.”

He and his friends put on goggles then threw roman candles at each other, he said.

He then denied lighting a firecracker as the former property manager was following him down the hallway. However, he changed his story again and allegedly admitted to setting off an “M-60” firecracker in the hall.

The woman allegedly admitted to lighting one roman candle that somebody had lit for her, according to the police report.

The three haven’t been charged, but each will likely receive a summons to appear in court for investigation of unlawful use of fireworks, according to the police report.

Fishy forays

Five fisherman who allegedly snuck into the backyard of a Gypsum homeowner Saturday afternoon were cited on suspicion of trespassing.

The homeowner’s stepson said he saw a group of men sitting on the river’s edge in his backyard fishing when he came home around 2:30 p.m. He warned the men that they were on private property and that they should leave.

One of the men told him to shut up, but the group packed their things and began to leave. As the were pulling away in a van, one of the fishermen allegedly gave the stepson the finger.

The homeowner came home and told a sheriff’s deputy that he wanted the men charged because he’d allegedly chased the same group off his property two weeks earlier.

The homeowner later tracked down the fishermen’s van at a Bureau of Land Management campground nearby, where the group was fishing again.

One of the fisherman allegedly admitted to fishing behind the home but said he and his friends didn’t know it was private property. They denied being rude to the stepson, according to the police report.

All five men received a summons to appear in court for investigation of third degree trespassing. They received a lesser charge because the property was not clearly fenced off, police said.

Taco troubles

A thief, or thieves, who squeezed through a small vent broke into and burglarized a Gypsum taco stand two consecutive nights last week.

The owner of the taco stand told police the morning of April 9 that a few hundred dollars in cash and a batch of phonecards had been stolen overnight.

He said the burglar must have been pretty small to squeeze through the narrow exhaust vent. Two framed and signed photographs were also stolen, according to the police report.

The following morning, April 10, the owner discovered he’d again been burglarized. About $4 worth of sodas, along with several more photographs, were missing.

The owner said he realized he’d been broken into again when he saw the wood covering the exhaust vent was askew.

Highway hubbub

A man who had a tantrum after a car accident in Gypsum Saturday was arrested for investigation of drunk driving by the Colorado State Patrol and then charged on suspicion of harassment and reckless driving by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

Motorists Saturday evening called in complaints about a red car driving at speeds more than 50 mph through residential Gypsum streets. A short time later, an accident involving the same car was reported on U.S. Highway 6.

A woman told sheriff’s deputies that she was driving down Highway 6 when a red car suddenly pulled out in front of her. She said she didn’t have time to hit the brakes and collided with the car.

The driver of the car jumped out and allegedly began screaming and cursing at her. The woman said she and her daughter were afraid of the man.

The Colorado State Patrol also responded to the accident and arrested the man on suspicion of drunk driving. A sheriff’s deputy decided to charge the man with harassment for allegedly yelling at the woman and reckless driving for reports he was speeding through neighborhoods.

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