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Ron Moreno, Avon Town Council candidate

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Ron Moreno, 31, owns Vail Valley Adventure Camps in Eagle-Vail. For eight years, he was a youth recreation coordinator with the town of Avon.Ron Moreno owns Vail Valley Adventure Camps in Eagle-Vail. He is concerned with the high vacancy rates in Avon for commercial properties. “I want to make a difference in Avon, and working there gave me a good knowledge of how things are ran in government,” said Moreno, who worked for eight years for the town of Avon as a youth recreation coordinator. “Another concern is we need more affordable housing for sale, there’s lots for rent.

Veronical WhitneyDaily Staff WriterQ. What do you expect your job to be as council member? A. The technical role of the Town Council is to be the policy-making legislative body for the town. The council creates the laws via ordinance for the town of Avon and then hires a town manager to enforce them. A large part of being a council member is to listen to your constituents’ opinions because that’s who the council is elected to represent.Q. How do you manage growth in the town?A. Growth is a tricky subject, you can’t stop it, but you can manage it. A lot of Avon’s growing has already happened with the Village at Avon. I think it’s crucial to have the Village develop as closely as possible to the current annexation and development agreement and PUD guide. I wouldn’t want to see many changes unless there was a substantial benefit to the Town.Q. What are the three most pressing Issues in the town?A. The three most pressing issues facing Avon are of course, development at the Village at Avon, along with transportation inking Avon to Beaver Creek and redevelopment of the town core.Q. Locals have voiced concerns about transportation. Would you support expanding the transportation system around town? A. If you are referring to bus service to Buffalo Ridge and the Village at Avon, I believe it is the developer’s responsibility to pay for that service. The idea behind the village coming on was that the current residents of Avon shouldn’t have to subsidize it in any way. It needs to pay its own way and that includes bus service. I hope the Village will consider bus service soon because it is a great benefit to the residents and guests.Q. What do you see in the future for the Village at Avon? A. I want to see the Village at Avon develop in a way that complements what is already in Avon. There should be a natural continuation of what currently exists with commercial development. I hope the Village will work closely with the town on future development and most importantly, take citizen input.Q. How can the town profit from its proximity to Beaver Creek? A. The town used to collaborate with Beaver Creek on summer marketing. I believe the town should once again consider investing some money on marketing Avon and Beaver Creek together. Visitors already believe Avon is Beaver Creek and vice versa. Avon is the gateway to Beaver Creek and we should work cooperatively toward achieving the same goals.Q. What can the town do to make it more convenient to walk around?A. I would love to block off a section in the middle of Avon Road and make it a grassy, pedestrian area. It could be done between roundabouts 3 and 4, with traffic diverted around the area. Now that would be a great way for pedestrians to walk around town and it would connect east and west. Hey, a guy can dream.

Veronica WhitneyWhen Avon Town Council candidate Ron Moreno says he doesn’t get stressed it’s hard not to believe him. If Moreno’s level of stress could be measured by the way he speaks, it’s easy to imagine him staying calm, even during the most feisty political debate.”I have worked with children for 10 years, I’m very patient and organized,” Moreno said. “I don’t get stressed.” Moreno, 31, is one of six candidates vying for one of three seats at the Avon Town Council. Working for the town of Avon for eight years as the youth recreation program director has given him insight on how things are run there, he said.”Now that I don’t work there anymore,” said Moreno, who now owns Vail Valley Adventure Camps, which offers summer programs for children, “I’m in a position to be on the other side and look at it from a different approach.”Being on council can give you more leverage in getting things going in Avon,” he added.Children’s programsMoreno would like to develop more programs for children and teenagers if elected, Moreno said. “All there is for children in Avon now is the recreation center. We need more for them to do,” he said. “Those programs are lacking in the town due to insufficient funds. Every year for the last four years I worked for the town we had to cut our budget, so we had to choose among the programs.”There has to be a way through grants or fund raising to get more youth programs in Avon,” he added. There is a particular lack of rec programs for pre-schoolers , Moreno said.”When I worked for the town, we received many calls from parents saying, ‘I have a 3 year old, what do you have to offer?’ We had nothing,” he said. Another issue that concerns him is open space, Moreno said.”The development that’s going in (the Village at Avon) is going to be a really big development,” he said. “We need to maintain open space as best we can, in the current town and the new development as well.”You have to be pro active,” he added. “I don’t totally disagree with what they are doing there, but it shouldn’t be a ‘Whatever you want to do, go for it’ type of thing,” he said. The valley’s hubMoreno chose to live in Avon because, to him, it’s a close-knit community, he said.”A lot of people know who their neighbor is,” he said. “Also, I was able to buy a deed restricted unit here.”Avon’s role in the region is to be the hub of the valley, Moreno said.”It has so many amenities with the recreation center, the lake and its retail, including Wal-Mart and The Home Depot. It is a really good draw for the county,” he said.When he isn’t working at his summer day camps and as an emergency medical technician at the Vail Valley Surgery Center, Moreno is the league director for the Eagle County Lacrosse Club and Vail Valley In-Line Hockey. “Each fall I organize a football camp for local youth players,” said Moreno, who has volunteered at Avon Elementary School for the past seven years. “I also serve as a community member on the Avon Elementary accountability committee.” Joe Romero, a building manager for Avon Elementary School, said he agrees there’s a need for more children’s programs for children and said he trusts Moreno’s ability to develop them. “I see the kids hanging out here after school,” Romero said. “Ron is a very honest man – when he sets his mind on something he follows it through.” Staff writer Veronica Whitney can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 454 or Colorado

Age: 31Family: I’m happy to say that my immediate family lives in Colorado. We have been in Colorado for at least four generations.Profession: Owns Vail Valley Adventure Camps, which offers summer programs for children age 5 to 13. In addition to this, he works at the Vail Valley Surgery Center in Vail as an emergency medical technician. Favorite food: Italian or ChineseFavorite beverage: LemonadeHobbies: I love the outdoors. Hiking, snowshoeing, boating, camping, riding motorcycles and fishing.What two people, dead or alive, would you invite to dinner? I would invite my parents to dinner. If it were not for my parents I would not be here today. I don’t know that I could ever show them how grateful I am for who I am today.

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