Roommates scuffle over skateboard, CDs |

Roommates scuffle over skateboard, CDs

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EDWARDS – A man was arrested on third degree assault and theft charges after a dispute with a roommate over a skateboard and some CDs led to an altercation in Edwards.The alleged victim said he was sitting in his house when one of his roommates came in and punched him in the face. When cops questioned the alleged puncher, he said the roommate had some of his CDs and would not return them, so he hit him. The victim said he had taken the CDs because his skateboard was missing.When searching the alleged assailant’s car, police said, they found a CD player but no skateboard. The victim said the CD player was his and then accurately described its appearance. Police returned the merchandise to the man and took his roommate to the Eagle County jail.’Clicker’ the causeGYPSUM – A Buckhorn Valley resident reported seeing a man wrestling a woman to the ground. When police arrived, the pair had already left together in their car. Cops followed. When pulled over and questioned, the man said that the dispute had been over their “clicker,” which opened the garage door.Police asked the woman if she’d been pushed or restrained? The woman would only respond by saying, “I don’t want to get him in trouble.”But based on the statements from witnesses – and on the presence of mud and moisture on the pants legs of both the man and the woman – officers placed the man under arrest on domestic violence and harassment .Unplanned overnightBEAVER CREEK – Two men hiking into the Bald Spot backcountry off of Beaver Creek had a longer stay than expected. The two left Beaver Creek ski area to ride in the backcountry and got lost. Still lost at nightfall, one of the men called his girlfriend. He told her that he thought they could get out, but that his friend wanted to build a shelter and spend the night.When the girlfriend called the cops, they got in touch with a search and rescue team. While a search party was forming, one of the men, at approximately 6 a.m., turned up at the bottom of Meadow Mountain.He said his friend had been lagging behind him as they made their way out, and that he had continued on in hopes of finding help. A search party snowmobiled up Meadow Mountain and the Grouse Creek Trail and found the second man at about 10:30 a.m.The first man was treated for frostbite. The second man refused medical attention. Both were shaken and tired, but fine.Illegal ammoGYPSUM – A member and caretaker of the Gypsum Shooting Range called police when he found some heavy-duty shell casings on a closed range at the Club. The targets the bullets had been shot at were severely damaged. The range had been open to the public for about two weeks at the beginning of February. According to the caretaker, someone must have driven around a chain fence onto the closed “Cowboy Action Range” and discharged what looked like .233 caliber rifle jacketed bullets, and some .45 auto-shell casings. Those bullets are forbidden from the range because they damage the steel targets. There are currently no suspects and a lack of leads.Vail, Colorado

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