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Roommates unreceptive to threats

Dustin Racioppi
vail co colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County, Colorado, and Avon, Colorado, law enforcement officers and police reports.

AVON, Colorado ” When the glass on the oven is smashed and the belt on the treadmill is slashed, is it fair for roommates to suspect it was the one roommate who has been accused of threatening to destroy the place? Not according to the roommate in Avon, Colorado, who is accused of making the threats.

He called deputies on Feb. 6 telling them he was evicted from his apartment, and now his roommates were stealing all his stuff. All the other roommates denied that claim, but they did say that they kicked him out. Their reasons were simple. The women of the house were scared of him, what with the hand gestures resembling a gun and threatening to blow heads off, according to one woman’s account in the sheriff’s report.

Deputies didn’t make much headway on the case, but the roommates won’t be locking their doors anymore when they go to bed.

GYPSUM, Colorado ” Most know that you can’t contract AIDS from sharing a seat or swapping spit. Most except for the man who threatened deputies in Gypsum, Colorado, who were hauling him to jail by informing them that he had AIDS and hepatitis and then said he’d spit at them and that their patrol car was now contaminated with his diseases.

He turned sour just a few minutes prior when he learned he would be going to jail for the improper treatment deputies say he gave his girlfriend. Before that, he was telling deputies how he aspired to be a police officer so he could help people out. Deputies got a clue that he was clearly sucking up when they opened his cell phone and his screen saver read, “F— the Five-O.”

They also learned he was full of it when they checked his criminal history and found out he was a registered sex offender.

AVON, Colorado ” The first clue something illegal is going on when you arrive to a loud, thumping residence for a noise complaint: Somebody answers the door, says, “Oh s—” and slams the door in your face.

The next step for the officer who that happened to on Feb. 13 was to find out what that probably not legal thing was and also why he saw one young man dash into the bedroom as the officer walked into the apartment.

The clues were easy ” a bunch of plastic cups partially filled with beer bunched together on the kitchen table. Then the group admitted they were playing beer pong, which isn’t illegal, except if you’re younger than 21. In that case, you probably run and hide in the bedroom.

But the officer was able to cajole the young man out of the bedroom, and he had mercy on him by not arresting him. The 20-year-old was given a summons for disorderly conduct and possession of liquor by an underage person.

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