Rosenfeld hopes to keep moving Minturn forward |

Rosenfeld hopes to keep moving Minturn forward

Johnie Rosenfeld.
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The Minturn election will be April 5. The Vail Daily will be printing each candidate’s answer to a questionnaire in the following days.

There are two candidates running for one, two-year term for mayor:

Hawkeye Flaherty (Wednesday)

Matt Scherr (Wednesday)

There are five candidates running for three, four-year Town Council seats:

Terry Armistead (Thursday)

George Brodin (Thursday)

Harvey Craig (Friday)

Sidney Harrington (Friday)

Johnie Rosenfeld (Friday)

To see candidates answers, visit

Name: Johnie Rosenfeld.

Occupation: Landscape contractor.

How long have you lived in Minturn? 21 years.

Why do you want this job? I would like to continue leading the town toward the many opportunities we have in front of us such as the Dowd Junction Redevelopment, ECO Trails completion, South Town Sidewalks, 100 Block Streetscape Project and creating an environment where businesses can thrive in Minturn.

Why are you the best person for the job? My love for our local community is the reason I am the best person for the job. I feel I have earned the trust of the community by listening to the needs and desires of the community and finding solutions to our challenges.

What’s the most important issue facing the town today? Battle Mountain land swap is on most people’s mind. Several other exciting opportunities exist for Minturn, though.

What’s your opinion of the Crave Community Co. land swap proposal? The citizens of Minturn have spoken about the swap proposal in its current form. The community simply does not want the current plan, but there may be areas where we can start a conversation. For example, the land swap does include the area known as Martin Creek. This parcel of land is currently slated as a parcel that the U.S. Forest Service is going to sell on the open market. There is an opportunity with this swap to have more involvement in what is developed on Martin Creek. If the parcel were to go up for sale, then another developer would seek to increase return by maximizing density on Martin Creek. By including this parcel in the swap, the town would have more input over what happens there. Bolts Lake must continue to be an item of discussion, and the town needs to be at the table.

In four years, what would you like the town government to have accomplished? Entryway and 100-block streetscaping; bike trail into and through town; sidewalks at the south part of town; secure Dowd Junction development parcel; and continuing to promote a healthy business community.

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