Rosenthal speaks for many |

Rosenthal speaks for many

Annie Egan

I think it’s time that someone write a letter about Jan Rosenthal. It seems that there are various rumors around town regarding Jan be/she is the fearless leader of The Citizens for the Future of Eagle and therefore, very vocal about our opposition to the urban sprawl proposed for east Eagle. When one is in a position like that, you can’t be worried about what people think, and it’s your job to communicate, expose and educate the public as to your point of view.

Sorry, folks, it ain’t easy, but I will tell you one thing: I’m sure glad she’s on my side! She is dedicated, tireless, committed, passionate, and extremely outspoken (thank goodness!). Some have said, “we’re tired of hearing from Jan again.” Guess who that is? The proponents of Eagle River Station! And guess why they’re tired of it?

Because she’s right! She educates herself, knows what she’s talking about, and always goes that extra mile.

Stay tuned for more intelligent letters coming from Jan Rosenthal.

Thank you, Jan! You are a great example for those of us who love this town and do not want it to look like “every other town in the U.S.A.” We moved to Eagle for what it is, not to make it what we left behind!

Dare to be different!

P.S. When you are coming home from upvalley and have just come out of Red Canyon, ask yourself this very important question: Do I want the Gateway to Eagle to look as it is and has been forever, or do I want it to look like “Any Town U.S.A.?”

If you share the passion with Jan and I to keep this hay meadow the same, please contact us at

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