Roundup of recommendations |

Roundup of recommendations

Don Rogers

At last, Election Day arrives tomorrow. Here’s a recap of Vail Daily recommendations for selected races:First, well, vote. This is the way citizens make a difference. Voting makes us a viable democracy. Failure to vote weakens our society, as does failure to do some homework before casting that vital ballot.You can find our endorsements in full on our Web site – – in the Commentary section. Or you can search the archive for “Vail Daily Editorial” and find them that way.Please bear in mind that these are recommendations, not demands, and issued from our unique vantage watching local politics.In brief, here they are:For county commissioner, Tom Edwards. Each candidate can do the job well. Edwards offers the best balance to the current board.School bond tax: Yes. The need for a new high school and elementary school is obvious, as well as land downvalley that will be needed in the future. Let’s invest now before construction costs get even higher and land even harder to find. Childhood development tax: Yes. The research is compelling that society wins with small investments in early childhood education, medical attention and parenting programs. This tax is a very small investment in something that would pay off for Eagle County, even without the specificity some critics find in the ballot language.Library tax: No. Perhaps the Eagle Valley Library District is a victim of its own management success. Their expansion wishes do not appear to us as needs. At least not at this point. And there’s room to work in partnership with other local governments to achieve those expansions, we believe. Eagle County Home Rule Charter: Yes. There are better ways to run a county, and the charter offers it through increasing the number of commissioners from three to five, and removing partisan labels that don’t apply to county governance.Avon Town Council: Ron Wolfe, Brian Sipes, Chris Green and Dave Dantas. At this point in Avon’s history, the community would be best served with people who have spent some quality time in the council chambers, know the issues and can work as a team. We believe this group offers the best chance of that.Sheriff: Joe Hoy. The incumbent has had some hard early lessons, particularly with the Kobe Bryant case and the spotlight that came with that. He’s learned and earned a second term.State representative: Dan Gibbs. Nothing against Ken Chlouber, who would serve well. Gibbs has shown more energy and is more in step with the majority of the district.State ballot measures: Voting no across the board wouldn’t be so bad. Referendum I, which provides legal rights and responsibilities for gay couples, is the most worthy of support besides Referendum E, a commonsense property tax reduction for disabled military veterans.Governor: Bill Ritter. Ritter shows the most promise and ability to drop at least some of the partisan posturing that has dominated politics at the state and national levels. Bob Beauprez, unfortunately, has had enough problems running a campaign to make critics wonder how he could lead a state.Vail, Colorado

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