Roxy boutique celebrates 20 years in Vail |

Roxy boutique celebrates 20 years in Vail

Special to the DailyPatti Weinstein opened the Roxy boutique in Vail in 1990. The store is celebrating its 20th anniversary Saturday, and also hosting its annual "Gifts That Give Back" event.

Patti and Ron Weinstein were looking to settle down in one place back in 1990. The couple founded Roxy and have been here ever since.

The women’s clothing boutique, with locations in Vail – at 172 East Gore Creek Drive – Beaver Creek and Denver, is having a double celebration Dec. 11. In addition to its 20th birthday, the store will also host its annual “Gifts That Give Back” event from 12 – 6 p.m.

The event will highlight vendors that give a portion of their proceeds back to various charities worldwide. Roxy will also donate 10 percent of the day’s total sales storewide to the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group.

Gifts that Give Back will feature merchandise including Tom’s Shoes, which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes purchased, the World Food Programme Feed Bag, which helps feed children around the world and Falling Whistles, which raises money to help rehabilitate children soldiers who have survived warfare in the Congo. In all, the event will showcase 14 different vendors that give back to charity.

To celebrate its 20th year in business, Roxy will enter customers who make a purchase on Dec. 11 into a drawing to win one of many great prizes, and the first 20 customers after 12 p.m. will receive a gift with their purchase.

Patti Weinstein recently sat down to answer a handful of e-mailed questions. Here are her replies.

Vail Daily: What influenced you to get involved in fashion? Who or what helped develop your fashion sense?

Weinstein: My mother – its genetics! She has an amazing sense or style and an eye for fashion. She still has this quality at 90 and I was lucky enough to inherit it. I can remember her taking my sister and I shopping at a very early age, and combing through magazines for the newest styles. Even now we still enjoy going on shopping trips with her.

Vail Daily: What were some of the challenges to bring your idea of fashion to Vail?

Weinstein: We were so fortunate when we opened our store in Vail, the response was amazing! The guests and locals were welcoming and great. The idea came in August, and we opened in Vail in December. Everything fell into place – we had an idea, the location, and the ability buy merchandise.

Vail Daily: What drove your decision to expand into Denver?

Weinstein: We had opened a store in Beaver Creek first, and then opened in Denver. Our Denver customers encouraged us to open there. Cherry Creek North was bustling, and again an opportunity opened up to us.

Vail Daily: What has you excited about the fashion business these days?

Weinstein: It is forever changing. Each season there is a new emerging designer coming up with something new and creative, it becomes the “must-have” item of the moment. There are also new trends each season that we try to find and bring to our stores, and it becomes the item to have. I travel to markets frequently, and am always looking for the perfect items for Roxy – it’s like digging into a big treasure chest!

Vail Daily: What has you excited about Vail over the next few years?

Weinstein: I love what Vail has become the last few years. We were starting to look like some old downtown area, and the community voted to change that. We look fresh and new. I just love walking through the Village with all the construction just about finished. It’s beautiful, pedestrian-friendly and has such a welcoming feeling to it. It is now very vibrant.

Another very important aspect of what I love about Vail is that our customers are returning year after year, and have been very loyal, and it’s been fun over the last 20 years to get to know them and their families!

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