Royal wedding viewing in Eagle-Vail will raise funds for charity |

Royal wedding viewing in Eagle-Vail will raise funds for charity

EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado – You’re invited to the royal wedding, so you can stop moping and asking, “Where’s my invitation?”

Diana Mathias has it.

Mathias and every other Brit she can round up is hosting a wedding breakfast at the Route 6 Cafe.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton will be there – sort of.

“We’ll have a full sized cut out of William and Kate, and all sorts of other wedding souvenirs,” Mathias said.

Prince and Princess attire is optional.

A bunch of her family are in town from England, and they’ve brought some of the most amazing stuff.

They’ll be starting at 7 a.m. for a very good reason.

“If it were live it would be three in the morning,” Mathias said.

Mathias is a force of nature and she pressed another local Brit, Hayden Scott, to record the four-hour ceremony so they can show it in the Route 6 Cafe.

Daphne Slevin was the first to buy a ticket. She’s English.

England’s own Ollie Holdstock owns the Route 6 Cafe. He says Mathias is putting it together; they’re just using his place.

“Because I’m English, I said of course I’ll host it,” Holdstock said.

Local interior designer Carol Moore is doing the decorations.

“I’ve got all the Brits on board,” Mathias said.

They’ve had bunting sent from England – all kinds of things.

The whole thing is a fundraiser for Mathias’ charity, Mountains of Love. It supports Emilia d’Cuire, the only school for special needs children in Honduras.

“Mountains Of Love supports these children with the essentials of everyday living which are often taken for granted,” Mathias said. “A small group from the Vail Valley has been supporting this very special school in many ways over the last 15 years.”

The school relies on outside resources; there is no government funding, Mathias said.

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