Rudy and the Watergater jump on the Torque and Recoil Train |

Rudy and the Watergater jump on the Torque and Recoil Train

Two more ringing endorsements came our way just this week, as the Wyrick: Wy Not?!? senate campaign train continues to pick up steam, or at least graffiti.Former Big Apple Boss Rudy “Man of the Year” Giuliani was at the Beav, where we’re told he had a grand time. We regret to say we didn’t get much face time with Hizzonner Da Mayor (as in, “none”), but as a fellow dedicated public servant we know he was busy, being about the people’s business. That and searching for the perfect creme brulee in the Beav’s finer eateries.We, at “Wyrick: Wy Not?!?” appreciate his consideration in not distracting us from our laser-like focus on our senate bid. And that, my fellow Americans, is a full-throttle endorsement of our Torque and Recoil senate campaign.Thanks, Rudy. We appreciate it.And while the campaign train was in Endorsement Land, Bob “Watergate” Woodward got his ticket punched.Our spies, who are everywhere, spotted the Watergater at the Eagle County airport. We found him at the Beav, where he was “working on some things,” he told us, although he wouldn’t tell us what they were.Watergate Bob was extremely personable and, like Hizzonner Mayor Rudy, obviously didn’t feel it was right to consume too fuel from our senatorial campaign train, so he graciously took his leave. Since he could not tell us why he was here, we can reasonably assume it was to quietly get the Washington Post on board.A whole-hearted Torque and Recoil endorsement if ever there was one.Those two glowing endorsements join the semi-official Okey-Dokeys from Rep. Mark Udall and none other than Hillary Clinton.Udall was in town for a little meet-and-greet, when he noticed our custom made cowboy boots. We’ve long believed that, in our spiral arm of the universe, custom made cowboy boots are a better fit than anything this side of true love.”Nice boots,” said Udall, obviously throwing his support solidly into the Torque and Recoil camp – a bold move for a Boulder Democrat.As for Ms. Hillary, once upon a time when she and Bill (and likely in that order) were running the Free World, they and their beloved offspring were in Vail for a vacation. A huge soiree ensued and while Bill was on stage wailing on the sax, we boldly went where no man (or very few men) have gone before. We walked up and asked Ms. Clinton if she wanted to dance. If the amount of attention this generated from the Secret Service folks was any indication, this was a semi-big deal.With a beatific smile, the First Lady said “No, thank you.”But we did get her autograph, which we’ve kept. And so we possess, in writing, her unqualified support for the Torque and Recoil All Stars.Speaking of writing, we’re proud to point out that the august Noo Yawk Times followed your Vaily Daily’s sterling example in not publishing any of the details of a Kobeland court document that contained a bunch of terms that a couple court officials don’t seem to understand, like DNA, and “Filed Under Seal.”No doubt, that’s their version of a Torque and Recoil endorsementAnd so, we’ve picked up the enthusiastic backing of The Washington Post, The Noo Yawk Times, a sitting U.S. Senator (Ms. Clinton), a sitting U.S. Congressman (Mr. Udall), a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (Watergate Bob), a former Noo Yawk City Mayor and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year (Hizzonner Rudy), and a guy not currently under investigation by the FBI (whose status in that regard will probably not change in the foreseeable future).With all that bi-partisan support, how can we possibly lose? (Answer: By only getting two votes, ours and the guy not currently under investigation by the FBI.)Pete Coors doesn’t have those kinds of endorsements. But then, Pete owns a beer company, which almost as good.Remember our motto: “If It Has Torque, Recoil, Compression, Makes a Big Bang or Shoots a Big Bullet, It’s Cool and Americans Need More of It.”Wyrick for Senate: Let Freedom Rip! We need a show oficy handsVail’s ice bubble could be deflated for good if the town and the VRD don’t get enough support for it to make economic sense. So, the Valley Wide Ice Coalition is looking for ice users willing to commit to purchase ice time for the upcoming season. On Aug. 3 they need a show of hands from ice-using groups who will commit to help. Just make sure each of those hands has a check in it. Before Monday, Aug. 2. call Erv at 479-2271, Kristena at 904-1029 or Laine at 390-1504.Do-gooders and garage cleaners, unite!Sunday is the final day to drop off used items for this year’s Eagle Valley Community Fund. Clean out those garages, storage units, basements and bring those clean household items, furniture, clothing, toys and other cool stuff to Maloit Park. Be there before 5 p.m. Sunday, although you’re encouraged to be there before that. And they can still use some volunteers. Call 827-9426, 926-0577 or 476-5701.Summer Science Day CampLearn stuff from” Andrew Passow’s Forces of the Universe; Beyond Fire and Ice.” It’s for kids ages 8-12, and it’s 10 a.m.-noon, Monday-Thursday, Aug. 2-5, in the Vail Library community room. Pre-registration is required, and it’s $55 per kid. Passow will take your young scientists on a journey, not only into the far reaches of space but throughout the history of scientific endeavor and discovery. He promotes exploration and discovery through hands-on experiments. Through a high degree of involvement the students will learn about energy resources, electricity and magnetism, as well as gaining a greater appreciation of the magical world that surrounds them. Call Ann Sinton at 479-2186.

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