Runaway couple delights Mid-Vail diners |

Runaway couple delights Mid-Vail diners

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

Monica was a large woman from Mexico City; wider than she was tall. And from the moment I began teaching her, she complained about going too fast.On her fourth day of lessons, I was finally able to coax Monica off the bunny slope, onto a series of easy, green runs. Skiing down Meadows, we made the turn heading towards Mid-Vail where we were planning to enjoy a late lunch. Halfway down the hill, Monica stopped and said, “Steve, I’m tired. I can’t go on anymore.” Faced with either bringing her down safely or having to call ski patrol, I said, “Monica, why don’t you get behind me, put your arms around my waist and stay in a wedge. I’ll ski you down to Mid-Vail and then we can get something to eat.”For the first hundred yards, things went exactly as planned. We slowly descended the mountain, passing directly under the chairlift. Then, we started to pick up speed. I shouted over my left shoulder, “Monica, you’ve got to stay in your wedge.” To compensate for our increasing speed, I spread the tails of my skis further and further apart into a massive, braking wedge. Suddenly, Monica lost what little composure she had left and screamed at me, “Steve, slow down!” At the same time, her skis migrated together, parallel underneath my body as she sat back on the tails. By this time, my thighs were screaming as Monica hung off my waist, the tails of my skis grazing the borders of Colorado.Again, Monica screamed, “Steve, slow down!” I yelled back, “I can’t Monica, I can’t. Wedge!” I could hear everyone on the chairlift, laughing hysterically at the action below. By the time we reached Mid-Vail, we hit 45 mph and blew past it like a freight train that’s missed its stop. Finally, I pointed my skis up a snow bank where we came to an abrupt stop. Miraculously, we didn’t kill or maim a soul.After prying Monica’s fingers from my waist, I helped her out of her skis and we walked down to Mid-Vail for lunch. By the time we arrived, the applause had peaked. We were by far, the most famous couple on the slopes. One fellow walked up to us and said, “Hey, my wife missed the whole thing. Could you guys do that again?”- Stephen DeGroat, VailVail, Colorado

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