Runyon displays integrity |

Runyon displays integrity

Diane Levin

I would like to express my admiration for County Commissioner Peter Runyon’s handling of the recent charge by local Republicans that his appearance on a long-standing program on ECO TV 18 was somehow in violation of the state Fair Campaign Practices Act. It clearly was not in violation as long as Mr. Runyon did not promote his campaign; does an incumbent governor stop addressing issues when running for re-election? And even Mr. Milhoan, the local Republican Party chairman who raised the issue, admitted that Mr. Runyon was not promoting his campaign on the show.

But rather than get involved in the squabble, Mr. Runyon rose above the fray and voluntarily discontinued the appearances. I am disappointed that the residents of the county will no longer have the benefit of seeing Mr. Runyon ” a sitting, elected commissioner ” address county issues in that forum, but I truly admire Mr. Runyon‚s decision and his focus on the genuinely important issues facing Eagle County.

If he had not had my support previously, he certainly would now. I only wish more politicians and those running for higher offices understood the concept of rising above the fray and keeping political discourse focused and meaningful.

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